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July 29th, 1999
Slash update
Summarizing what's been made public so far on Slash's arrest:

Slash had been living with his ex-girlfriend for a couple of years. They reached the point where the relationship was falling apart, and they were no longer living together. She and Slash got together a couple of times to discuss things, but in the end, the relationship was over, and Slash wanted out. Sometimes people have a difficult time accepting that things are over, and they may try to hold on tighter. They can exhibit inappropriate behavior designed to hurt the person who is leaving them. Slash was staying at a hotel near the studio where he was working. He was recording the drums and bass lines for the new album and needed a larger place with better sound for the drums. Slash stayed under an assumed name for privacy. His ex-girlfriend found him, and she got into his room. Slash was sleeping, and an argument ensued during which his ex-girlfriend sustained a bruise. This was July 19. On July 24 (one day after his birthday) Slash was arrested at the studio and charged with domestic abuse. Various sites have speculated as to why she waited 7 days to file this complaint. She was very busy during this time, and when this full story comes out, you'll see that Slash acted in self-defense under severe provocation. Hang in there with Slash! The lawyers caution against revealing too much. We don't want to damage any of the cases that will come out of this.

This was posted on Linda Scott's Official Slash Home Page. [www.snakepit.org]

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