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August 12th, 2005
CKY guitarist talks about touring with GN'R
CKY guitarist Chad Ginsburg mentioned GN'R in a recent interview:


“Five minutes before the show it was like: ‘Axl cancelled, he’s not showin’ up.’ Then the riot just started, and we were like, ‘Oh shit!’ By the time we were alerted and able to get back on our bus, they [the angry fans] didn’t know whose buses were whose, and they were rioting at our bus as well. I mean, you gotta know that the cheap bus isn’t Guns N’ Roses, but they were throwin’ bottles and stuff, and our techs were terrified to load the trailer.”

Ginsburg had been warned about Rose’s volatile and unpredictable temperament—“Everybody said, ‘Stay away from Axl, you’re gonna get yourself thrown off the tour’?”—but the two still became strip club–going companions on the road. The relationship ended abruptly when the tour was halted by another Rose-related riot, this time at a sold-out gig in CKY’s Philly hometown.

“They destroyed everything,” notes Ginsburg, although his casual tone makes it sound like he’s familiar with how hard-core fans react when provoked.


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