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February 14th, 2005
Sweet Child O' Mine on EW's 50 Greatest Love Songs of All Time list + GN'R week on Dutch radio + GN'R track used in cartoon ad + VR wins a Grammy
"Sweet Child O' Mine" was at #8 on Entertainment Weekly's list of the 50 Greatest Love Songs of All Time. This is what they wrote about the song:

"It begins with Slash making love to his Les Paul. Then Axl Rose starts rough-rhapsodizing about his baby's blue eyes and pretty smile. The lyrics read like they were written by a high school boy who can't stop carving his girlfriend's name into the bleachers. It's a prefect tribute to the young, messy, all-absorbing feeling that makes you want to punch a hole in the wall as you scream your undying love."

Dutch radio station Veronica will have a Guns N' Roses week this coming week. They'll have contests where you can win Greatest Hits and Welcome To The Videos.

Dutch GN'R fans can find more information at sbsonline.nl.

Cartoon Network in the UK (Sky Channel 601) have been showing adverts for a new cartoon series called The Cramp Twins. The background music being used for this is GN'R's "Welcome To The Jungle".

Velvet Revolver won a Grammy for "Slither" in the Best Hard Rock Performance. "Fall To Pieces" was nominated in the Best Rock Song category (U2's "Vertigo" won) and "Contraband" was nominated in the Best Rock Album (Green Day's "American Idiot" won that one).

Source(s): Entertainment Weekly, issue #807 - Feb 18th 2005 , http://www.sbsonline.nl , http://www.mtv.com  
Thanks to: Gypsy, Suzanne, Reckless Rose, John H, EZ 
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