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August 5th, 2004
Another album from Tommy + VR To Perform On German TV + Update from Slash
The following is from Rykodisc.com:

Once, Twice, Three Times A Maybe

Street Date: 09/14/04

An instant classic, eight years late!

After legendary critics favorites the Replacements called it quits in the early '90s, founding ‘Mats member and bassist Tommy Stinson formed a new rock band in 1995 – Perfect.

Their album, a near- (dare we say?) perfect mix of driving rock, sophisticated pop and smartass lyrics recalls the Replacements at the height of their rocking irreverence and should’ve been an instant classic.


1. Better Days
2. Turn It Up
3. Little Drum
4. 7 Days A Week
5. Me
6. Catch 'Em
7. Yap Yap
8. The Making Of An Asshole
9. Thing I Call My Life
10. Flap

Unfortunately, record company politics intervened and the album was never released – until now!

VELVET REVOLVER will appear on "TV Total", one of Germany's most popular comedy shows, on September 6. The band will perform "Fall To Pieces" live and guitarist Slash will be interviewed by the show's host Stefan Raab.

In other news, VELVET REVOLVER drummer Matt Sorum has posted the following message on the band's web site:

"Hello VELVET REVOLVER People, This is the first entry in my diary. Everything has been going so crazy this is the first time I've had a chance to sit and reflect on what's been happening. Right now I'm on a plane back from playing the Rolling Rock festival. Me and Scott took a later flight back to L.A. than the rest of the band so we could sleep a bit, but got to the airport to find our plane had been delayed 5 hrs. With no other flights out we waited. Missing home. It's really a drag. Sometimes it's hard dealing with all the travel. I love playing with this band so much, but sometimes I get bummed about all the hassle in between. But nevertheless I really feel like this is the greatest band I've ever been in. And as you all know I've been in a few. So much hard work has gone into putting this together and now everything is moving. The American tour was amazing. The fans were better than ever and made us all feel so good to be playing for you. Thank you so much. Sometimes my life feels like a dream, very surreal. As a kid it was all I ever thought about. Rock and Roll was always in my blood. And it's good that our fans feel that way too. Just finished shooting the video for 'Fall To Pieces' last week, I think it's going to be amazing. Back to L.A. now to pack, then off to Europe. 5 weeks there and then we are working on a big tour of the States in October.

"Can't wait!!! Love to all of our fans and thank you again."

Another VR update from Slash that was posted on Snakepit.org:

After the European leg of the tour, the band will come back to the U.S. and play larger venues.

Slash also mentioned signing autographs. The band is being a lot more selective about how much they will sign based on the fact that so much ends up on Ebay right away.

They are especially leery of people who show up with a stack of items to be signed. Apparently GN'R items don't seem to be very welcome either. Slash mentioned that when they fly into a country, there always seem to be some fans there wanting autographs and photos when all he really wants to do is get a smoke and head for the hotel.

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Thanks to: GNfnR2, Kirill 
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