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August 4th, 2004
Village Gorilla Head reviews + Judge Lets Weiland Go To Europe, Praises His Rehab Efforts
The New York Post have reviewed Tommy's new album:

This week's CDs
By Dan Aquilante

"Village Gorilla Head"
* * * (Three out of Four Stars Rating)
Sanctuary Records

WITH one of the finest pedigrees in rock music, former Replacements bassist Tommy Stinson delivers a record you have to work at to appreciate. The rewards are there, even though on first listen it may seem scattered.

After a few spins, it becomes easy to connect the dots between these stylistically varied tunes. This disc really illustrates Stinson's musical vocabulary.

Pay attention to the lyrics, and you'll be impressed by how perceptive they are; the melodies are equally memorable. Listen for the catchy pop of "Hey You" and the jangly rock of "Something's Wrong."

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barnesandnoble.com / AllMusic

Scott Weiland got good news on Tuesday when he appeared in a Pasadena, California, court the judge overseeing his probation from two felony charges of drug possession deemed his efforts to stay clean a success and granted the singer permission to leave the country for Velvet Revolver's European tour.

At his probation status hearing, Weiland received a certificate from Genesis, a nearby treatment facility, for completing a six-month treatment program there. Pasadena Superior Court Commissioner Collette Serio also noted that all of Weiland's drug tests have come out negative. While Velvet Revolver tour Europe, the singer will have to continue periodic drug testing.

"The judge congratulated [Weiland] for complying with everything," Weiland spokesperson Mitch Schneider said. "They were very happy with his participation in the [rehab] program, and that he had been so cooperative."

"The judge even congratulated him on his success with Velvet Revolver and apologized for the technicality," Schneider said, referring to the bench warrant issued on Friday and held until Tuesday to ensure Weiland's appearance in court. Schneider said the court had forgotten to take Weiland's scheduled appearance on Friday off the record once it had been moved to Tuesday.

Now that Weiland's completed the terms of his sober-living program for the possession offense, he's scheduled to continue after-care counseling and testing while serving three years of probation for pleading no contest to driving under the influence. Under the terms of that probation, he's required to enroll in another six-month drug-treatment program, which, like Genesis, will allow him to come and go, and he also must attend three Narcotics Anonymous meetings per week for the next three years.

In addition, his DUI sentence requires him to pay restitution to the owner of the parked vehicle he struck. A hearing on that matter is scheduled for September 9.

Weiland's next probation status hearing is scheduled for October 1.

Source(s): New York Post (newspaper), Sunday, August 1, 2004 , http://www.mtv.com  
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