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August 2nd, 2004
New Dizzy article + SCOTT WEILAND Slams MTV Over 'False' Report
There's a new Dizzy article at Rockjournal called Long Distance Dedications: Five Days With Hookers & Blow.

VELVET REVOLVER singer Scott Weiland has issued the following statement in response to an MTV News report that a warrant has been issued for his arrest.

"They eat their young. Once again the media is scrambling, chomping at the bit to find a morsel of information on me that would signify my destruction. MTV News, now fodder for hungry maggot offspring of the fat executives who don't give a fuck that my wife and children are embarrassed and shamed by your continuous lies and lack of journalistic integrity. Are you so bored with my personal happiness that you hover like carrion lying in wait, meditating and concocting a headline that you only hope will happen? Feed off of your own fat fuckers!!! This goes for all media whores!!!"

More Weiland related:

The day (Friday, July 30) that VELVET REVOLVER frontman Scott Weiland was scheduled to appear at a probation status hearing at a Los Angeles court, he was photographed posing with a "Mommy & Daddy Made You Here" sign and a cigarette in Soho, New York City. Check out pictures from LFI.

Source(s): http://rockjournal.com/ , http://www.roadrun.com/blabbermouth.net/  
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