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April 24th, 2004
Duff in Soundi magazine
In the latest issue of Finnish music magazine, Soundi, they have an interview with Duff.

Here are the most interesting things mentioned in the article:

- According to the writer, "Contraband" does sound dangerous as the band has promised, or as dangerous as American 40 year old millionaires with families can sound.

- Falling To Pieces is hit material and is planned to be the second single with an August release (to coincide with a European tour).

- The writer doesn’t expect Contraband to sell millions of copies, but it proves that the guys love rock n' roll.

- The interview was done in Amsterdam, on the first day Duff, Susan, Slash and Perla were at some club playing the album for the journalists. Duff makes sure his glass has non-alcoholic beer in it.

Duff and Slash are in a good mood but Susan seems bored and after an hour she pulls Duff out of there. They leave the place while Slash and Perla stay a little longer until everybody has gotten a picture taken with him.

- The next day they're doing interviews at the nicest hotel in Amsterdam. The first interviews were scheduled for 9:30 and Duff had already done some kickboxing by then. During the interview he's smoking a cigar.

- Duff mentions that they're happy with the record, that the record company is behind them and that it's about time somebody releases this kind of record. He also mentions that they're not necessarily trying to to sell enormous amounts of records. They just want to play live. His last real tour was with Neurotic Outsiders.

- Most people will be surprised that Duff and Slash are playing in a band that sounds more like Stone Temple Pilots than Guns N' Roses. Contraband is a dark record and according to Duff, that's because of Scott's voice.

- Other than Queens Of The Stone Age, Duff doesn't know of any bands that have the rock n' roll spirit. After Nirvana there haven't been many bands of that kind, or at least he can't think of one. Most bands aren't real and you can feel it. He says the White Stripes are ok and The Strokes are nice guys, but they seem bored on stage. He likes their records though.

- Duff says GN'R's "Greatest Hits" record hasn't affected VR's plans, but a record company employee says it was the biggest reason for the postponement of the release of Contraband.

- Slither doesn't represent the album.

- Nick Rasculinecz was first tried as the producer, he wasn't experienced enough. Bob Ezrin was next and the band knew the record would be overproduced. Josh Abraham was chosen because he brought in a tape of a song he had recorded with Courtney Love. They said that if he could get them to sound like that, he'd get the job.

- The band recorded a studio version of Nirvana's "Negative Creep", which according to Duff, sounds almost like death metal and it kicks ass. It would've been one of the most dangerous tracks on the record, but they left it out.

- "It's So Easy" will probably be in their live sets. Maybe "Mr. Brownstone" too as well other tracks from "Appetite For Destruction". Duff has all of Stone Temple Pilots' records with him and he expects to find a couple of tracks on those.

- They'll play other covers too. Whatever they feel like. Not everything has to be planned out, it's a rock band not fucking.... Pink Floyd. Duff apologizes for that since it's a bad comparison. He says it was the first thing that came to mind and that it was probably due to them covering Money.

- Next, the release of the "Greatest Hits" record is discussed. Duff mentions how they tried to stop its release and that it's not really a greatest hits, but more like the record company's idea of their biggest hits. Because of the record, Duff and Slash were in contact with Axl's people for the first time in years.

- GN'R has thousands of hours of video footage from the "Use Your Illusion" tour that Duff thinks people would've been interested in seeing and hearing.

They could've compiled an interesting CD or DVD package if the record company just had asked. Instead they put out "Greatest Hits" which is so bad that it makes him sick.

They had no input on the cover art, track selection, release date or anything else. Duff thinks what Universal did is criminal even though the court says otherwise.

Universal were only thinking about making their stockholders happy, so they released something that would turn their figures into plus.

He mentions that this is a good example on how they don't give a shit about what they release.

- Sympathy For The Devil is the worst track they recorded and it broke up the band. Axl brought in a friend of his, Paul Huge, to record guitar parts without telling anybody else. Slash wasn't too happy, he was the first one to leave.

- Duff has no idea about what Axl is doing or if Chinese Democracy is going to be released. He thinks Axl's been buried in the project, has spent 7-8 years and $13 million on it. He says that's a lot of money and that there must be lots of pressure on Axl, but that it has to come out some day.

- He says Velvet Revolver did their album in 2.5 weeks and yet it sounds like they wanted it to. It's rock n' roll, not brain surgery.

- When asked if it was easy to give up alcohol, he says he had no choice. The other choice was death. His only vice nowadays is Cuban cigars which are hard to get in the USA.

- The last thing he mentions is that his kids have a cat named Peperonipizza (or something similar). It was named by his kids and he has to take care of it because the kids are too young to do that. He says that if he spent more time at home, he'd probably have more pets.

Source(s): Soundi  
Thanks to: Tomi 
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