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October - December 2019:

December 18th, 2019: Second show in London, UK added
December 13th, 2019: Guns N' Roses announces 2020 European tour & more shows in South America
December 5th, 2019: Guns N' Roses to play at the Bud Light Super Bowl Music Fest in January 2020
November 21st, 2019: Guns N' Roses to return to Mexico in March!
November 4th, 2019: Guns N' Roses finishes their Not In This Lifetime tour in Las Vegas
October 15th, 2019: "Sweet Child O' Mine" becomes first music video from 1980s to hit 1 Billion views on YouTube
October 10th, 2019: Guns N' Roses to play Lollapalooza in Argentina, Chile & Brazil in March/April 2020 plus Colombia


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