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October - December 2007:

December 30th, 2007: Richard update
December 26th, 2007: Bumblefoot studio updates & tour blog
December 15th, 2007: GN'R karaoke scares teacher
December 15th, 2007: Upcoming shows with Dizzy
December 11th, 2007: Dizzy's new Myspace page
December 5th, 2007: Dizzy / Hookers & Blow Christmas show + Richard to play with the Psychedelic Furs
December 4th, 2007: GN'R makes it onto "The Fifty Best Songs Over Seven Minutes Long" on + Talking Metal with Ron & Frank re-run
November 25th, 2007: Not too late to vote for Dizzy & HN'B
November 25th, 2007: Malibu wildfire update
November 20th, 2007: Sebastian Bach "Angel Down" featuring Axl on three tracks is out today!
November 19th, 2007: Izzy Stradlin "Fire....The Acoustic Album" available now
November 16th, 2007: Vote for Dizzy & HNB at the Rockies (Nov 19th update)
November 9th, 2007: Richard playing with Hookers N' Blow in Hollywood
November 6th, 2007: New acoustic album from Izzy Stradlin
November 6th, 2007: Ron & Frank on Talking Metal on fuse
October 30th, 2007: Friends For Done To Death & Tommy Stinson "You Can't Always Get What You Want"
October 25th, 2007: Sebastian Bach talks about his new album featuring Axl
October 17th, 2007: Dizzy Reed/Hookers N Blow announce a handful of West Coast/East Coast dates
October 16th, 2007: Winner of Bumblefoot guitar contest chosen
October 11th, 2007: Still Life available on iTunes
October 2nd, 2007: Izzy listed as one of The Twenty-Five Most Underrated Guitarists