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April - June 2007:

June 28th, 2007: Bumblefoot on Asylum TV (Channel 31 Melbourne)
June 25th, 2007: 'Nice Boys' Don't Play Rock N' Roll
June 21st, 2007: Exclusive GN'R items up for bid on eBay
June 19th, 2007: GN'R on Rolling Stone's 10 Best Sports Anthems
June 16th, 2007: GN'R special on Montreal radio
June 12th, 2007: Opening night in Australia a major success
June 8th, 2007: Third Tokyo area show announced and Chiba #1 sold out
June 6th, 2007: Guns N' Roses conquers Mexico, tour heads Down Under
June 5th, 2007: Izzy update
May 31st, 2007: "Miami" on Itunes
May 22nd, 2007: Guns N' Roses extend NZ tour
May 19th, 2007: Mexico City sold out
May 16th, 2007: Rescheduled Japanese dates
May 12th, 2007: Izzy Stradlin "Miami" track listing
May 6th, 2007: Untouchable with Frank and Ron live in New York
May 4th, 2007: Second Brisbane show
May 3rd, 2007: Izzy update: New album coming soon
May 1st, 2007: New Bumblefoot interview posted online
May 1st, 2007: Bumblefoot on Talking Metal Live
April 30th, 2007: GN'R sells out Auckland show and adds second one
April 27th, 2007: Guns N' Roses sell out Australian shows
April 26th, 2007: Izzy sighting in Los Angeles
April 26th, 2007: Guns N' Roses World Tour to start in Mexico
April 24th, 2007: Bumblefoot Performs with Allen Toussaint at The Edge’s Music Rising “Icons of Music” Auction
April 21st, 2007: Sweet Child O' Mine - a song that changed the world
April 13th, 2007: GN'R in Mexico?
April 11th, 2007: GN'R postpones start of tour, Stinson injured
April 5th, 2007: Guns N' Roses set to rock Auckland
April 4th, 2007: GN'R to play in Australia
April 2nd, 2007: Upcoming Bumblefoot radio appearances


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