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October - December 2006:

December 31st, 2006: Ottawa concert named best of 2006
December 27th, 2006: GN'R Members Autograph Gibson Epiphone Guitar
December 24th, 2006: New Axl pictures in Italian magazine
December 20th, 2006: Live Review: Guns N' Roses in Universal City, CA
December 18th, 2006: Izzy joins GN'R on stage in L.A.
December 15th, 2006: An open letter to the fans from Axl
December 12th, 2006: Guns Ní Roses Save Mart Center December 13, 2006 Cancelled [press release]
December 12th, 2006: Axl Rose rocks like there's no tomorrow - Everett review
December 10th, 2006: Guns N' Roses: Appetite of Determination
December 5th, 2006: Guns N' Roses in Winnipeg reviews
December 5th, 2006: Talking Metal Live tonight
December 3rd, 2006: GN'R Back At Full Strength
December 1st, 2006: Helmet Added To GN'R Tour
November 28th, 2006: Milwaukee concert cancelled [press release]
November 25th, 2006: Paradise Better Late Than Never
November 24th, 2006: Axl N' Company Ignite the Metro Centre
November 23rd, 2006: Appetite For Destruction voted Best Guitar Album
November 23rd, 2006: Disabled GNR fan gets ride
November 21st, 2006: Axl at the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research fundraising dinner
November 21st, 2006: Eagles of Death Metal opening for GN'R + Guns N' Roses Guitarist and FOH Engineer Choose CAD Trion 7000
November 21st, 2006: Robin visits NYC Gibson Guitar showroom
November 8th, 2006: Guns N' Roses Summit: Countdown To Chinese Democracy
November 7th, 2006: Tonight's show in Portland, ME is cancelled [press release]
November 1st, 2006: Izzy on iTunes update
October 24th, 2006: Saint John, NB show
October 22nd, 2006: Talking Metal GN'R special + Bumblefoot on "Alien Rock" podcast
October 18th, 2006: Re-Airing of Trunk interview
October 16th, 2006: Izzy's "Like A Dog" on iTunes
October 14th, 2006: Tour update (Jacksonville and Nashville)
October 11th, 2006: Guns N' Roses Own NY [press release]
October 10th, 2006: Chicago, Ames & Minneapolis ticket on sale dates + #1 on Pollstar
October 10th, 2006: New Talking Metal podcast episode featuring Bumblefoot
October 8th, 2006: Madison Square Garden selling out
October 8th, 2006: Sebastian Bach unable to play with GN'R in Puerto Rico and Halifax
October 7th, 2006: GN'R on Pollstar Top 50
October 7th, 2006: Third L.A. show added
October 6th, 2006: Ames, IA on sale info
October 5th, 2006: GN'R mention in Q magazine
October 2nd, 2006: Halifax sold out + Talking Metal Podcast