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July - September 2006:

September 29th, 2006: North American tour [press release]
September 27th, 2006: East Rutherford, Worcester & New York and Winnipeg & Edmonton
September 27th, 2006: Quebec City, QC show
September 26th, 2006: New rescheduled date for San Diego
September 26th, 2006: Calgary, AB show
September 26th, 2006: Greensboro Coliseum concert has new date
September 25th, 2006: First Canadians shows announced (Toronto, Ottawa & Halifax) [updated] + Three US shows (Huntington, WV, Everett, WA & Portland, OR)
September 23rd, 2006: GN'R reschedules Sep 27 - Oct 5 dates [updated] + KROQ Inland Invasion webcast tonight + Baltimore, MD show
September 22nd, 2006: Los Angeles shows
September 21st, 2006: North West show announcement on Monday? + Oakland on Dec 15th?
September 20th, 2006: Inland Invasion webcast
September 19th, 2006: November Rain in Worcester, MA on November 8th
September 18th, 2006: Cleveland, OH show
September 16th, 2006: Greensboro show added [updated]
September 15th, 2006: Bumblefoot's Foot Guitar v2 - designed by you? + Sebastian Bach opening for GN'R in SF
September 14th, 2006: Las Vegas opening acts
September 13th, 2006: GN'R adds Estero, FL date
September 13th, 2006: GN'R in Nashville
September 12th, 2006: GN'R playing in Florida
September 12th, 2006: Tampa date added + Jacksonville [updated]
September 11th, 2006: Axl in New York Magazine + Axl/VMA mention on Talking Metal podcast
September 7th, 2006: Axl / Sanctuary mention on Hits Daily Double
September 4th, 2006: Brain joins forces with music software producer
September 2nd, 2006: More Axl clips from the VMAs
September 1st, 2006: Axl at the 2006 MTV VMAs [updated - now with photos and video links]
August 31st, 2006: Axl at the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards tonight
August 30th, 2006: New Gilby interview from Greece
August 28th, 2006: GN'R has some of the "Best Guitar Solos Of All Time" according to new poll
August 27th, 2006: Guns N' Roses for Guitar Hero II
August 24th, 2006: GNRonline gets updated
August 24th, 2006: Axl to present award at 2006 MTV VMAs
August 22nd, 2006: Two new California dates
August 21st, 2006: Three new GN'R dates (Reno, Sacramento & San Diego) [updated]
August 19th, 2006: Axl interviewed on KROQ
August 15th, 2006: Dizzy on tour with Hookers & Blow + Nightrain fanzine + Google Calendar
August 15th, 2006: Tommy with Soul Asylum
August 15th, 2006: GN'R in San Francisco
August 14th, 2006: KROQ's Inland Invasion 2006 details
August 14th, 2006: GN'R to play Las Vegas
August 11th, 2006: Guns N' Roses singer visits cancer charity
August 9th, 2006: Reminder: GN'R @ Rock Am Ring on German TV
August 4th, 2006: Photos from Cuckoo Club
August 1st, 2006: Guns N' Roses Win Big In Europe [press release]
July 26th, 2006: Message from Richard Fortus
July 22nd, 2006: Guns N' Roses Heat Wave [press release]
July 20th, 2006: Glasgow and Manchester opening act
July 17th, 2006: UK tour starts tomorrow
July 6th, 2006: GN'R in Finland
July 6th, 2006: Congratulations to the Mantia family
July 4th, 2006: Helsinki opening act announced
July 3rd, 2006: No Bullet For My Valentine in Helsinki and Oslo
July 2nd, 2006: Greek Guns N' Roses Pre-Show Party