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October - December 2004:

December 31st, 2004: VR Guitarist Can't Wait To Play Vegas
December 31st, 2004: Greatest Hits is #10 on the best-selling albums of 2004
December 30th, 2004: Missing Rock Fan Found Safe Two Years On
December 30th, 2004: "Contraband" named fifth worst album of the year
December 29th, 2004: GN'R on 100 most successful recording artists of all time in the British charts + GN'R on another Dutch list + Izzy with VR mp3s
December 28th, 2004: Dizzy Reed January and February tour dates
December 26th, 2004: Former GN'R Guitarist Buckethead Records Tribute To Dimebag
December 23rd, 2004: New mp3 feat. Izzy & Steven + GH 10th best selling album at HMV + GN'R on MMM + GN'R mention in The Times
December 22nd, 2004: Slash Says Kids Make Christmas Special
December 22nd, 2004: Velvet Revolver Board A Crazy Train For 'Dirty' New Video
December 22nd, 2004: Slash: Keith Richards Encouraged Me To Stay In Guns N' Roses
December 20th, 2004: GN'R member to appear at benefit show
December 20th, 2004: VR and Tommy on Classic Rock's Top 50 albums of 2004 list
December 19th, 2004: "Contraband" dualdisc to be released in February + Gilby @ NAMM
December 16th, 2004: Where'd Axl Get Those Necklaces? The Punk-Rock Jeweler
December 15th, 2004: GN'R tops Dutch "Top 1000 Songs Of All Time" list
December 15th, 2004: Motion Theory To Direct Velvet Revolver “Dirty Little Thing” Music Video + VR's "Contraband" on Aftonbladet's Best Albums Of 2004 list
December 14th, 2004: GN'R on VH1's 3rd Annual Holiday CD Poll
December 13th, 2004: Behind The Music on VH1 Europe + Tommy's MeanStreet interview
December 12th, 2004: Tracii Guns mentions GN'R + GN'R mention in National Post + VR sign publishing deal
December 10th, 2004: Adler's Appetite to play benefit show in Denver
December 9th, 2004: VR to tour in Australasia in early 2005
December 7th, 2004: Nick Nolan auditioned for GN'R a few years ago? + A little update on Tommy's tour
December 7th, 2004: Velvet Revolver Grammy nominations
December 6th, 2004: Vote for VR on Circus Magazine Band of The Year poll + VR Perform At K-ROCK's CLAUS FEST IV: Photos Available
December 5th, 2004: Big In 04 & GN'R: BTM on muchmoremusic + VR & GN'R in Revolver + more
December 4th, 2004: Photos of VR's 'Big In '04' Appearance Posted Online
December 3rd, 2004: Slash's Top Ten Greatest Songs Of All Time + Evanescence singer Amy Lee calls 'Contraband' 'Boring'
December 3rd, 2004: "Dust N' Bones: The Untold Story of Izzy Stradlin" update
December 2nd, 2004: Sweet Child O' Mine on Best Riff Of All Time list
December 1st, 2004: Duff talks about Nirvana box set + Buckethead to play NYC
November 30th, 2004: GN'R in Entertainment Weekly
November 30th, 2004: (Inside)OUT: The Rise of Velvet Revolver press release
November 28th, 2004: "Greatest Hits" on UK Top 20 selling albums of 2004
November 27th, 2004: More details about the VR VH1 (Inside)Out
November 26th, 2004: Estranged on VH1 list of Bad Metal Songs
November 25th, 2004: (Inside) Out: The Rise of Velvet Revolver Premiere
November 25th, 2004: Gilby Clarke, Tracii Guns South America Tour Report Posted Online + VR articles
November 23rd, 2004: Orchestral Arranger PAUL BUCKMASTER Collaborates With GUNS N' ROSES?
November 22nd, 2004: Chris Weber Undergoes Brain Surgery + GN'R songs performed on "Idol" shows + Gilby in Argentina
November 22nd, 2004: VELVET REVOLVER: Tensions On The Road Run High
November 22nd, 2004: ADLER'S APPETITE To Release EP In February
November 21st, 2004: VR Halloween clips + Slash: "I was suicidal when I left GNR" + VH1 Big In 04 contest
November 20th, 2004: Search continues for rock fan
November 19th, 2004: Slash Says 'Fall To Pieces' Was Around Well Before VR + Slash 'Guitar Hero' Limited-Edition Sculpture Series Due In February
November 19th, 2004: New Chris Weber interview + Gilby in Argentina
November 18th, 2004: Velvet Revolver confirmed for KROQ's Almost Acoustic Christmas
November 18th, 2004: GN'R on Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Songs Of All Time list
November 17th, 2004: Chris Weber Diagnosed With Brain Tumor + Tommy interview + VR on TV
November 16th, 2004: November Rain on the Late Show + VR Schedule 'Rockline' Appearance
November 15th, 2004: Tommy Stinson Hollywood, CA show
November 13th, 2004: VR Dress Up As GN'R For Halloween: Photo Available + GN'R hour on TheRockRadio
November 12th, 2004: Tiny Richard mention in the NY Times + VR news
November 11th, 2004: ADLER'S APPETITE: U.S., European Tour Dates Announced
November 10th, 2004: VELVET REVOLVER To Add B-Sides To New Version Of Debut Album
November 10th, 2004: VR Contemplating Concert DVD
November 9th, 2004: Retraction from Duff (regarding a quote about Axl)
November 8th, 2004: VR: '(Inside)Out: The Rise' Preview Clips Posted Online
November 6th, 2004: VR To Perform On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' & VH1 special Big In 04
November 5th, 2004: Slash To Jam With Camp Freddy At Las Vegas Party + Updated Gilby South American tour dates
November 2nd, 2004: Update from Tommy + VR in NJ & more
October 31st, 2004: GN'R hour on
October 28th, 2004: Axl mention on Metal Sludge + VR articles
October 27th, 2004: New VR Live Video Posted Online + VR UK ticket update + Gilby in South America
October 26th, 2004: GN'R: Behind The Music on VH1 Europe
October 26th, 2004: Axl Rose, Game, Charlie Murphy Lend Voices To 'San Andreas'
October 24th, 2004: Duff: I Didn't Slam Axl Over Songwriting Contributions To GN'R
October 23rd, 2004: VR in Dublin
October 22nd, 2004: Axl in GTA: San Andreas
October 21st, 2004: VR Irish date? + Another London show
October 20th, 2004: Guns N' Roses "Chinese Democracy" May Surface in Feb + more
October 20th, 2004: Velvet Revolver UK tour dates
October 19th, 2004: Velvet Revolver's 'Anything Can Happen' Tour Begins With Surprise Show
October 17th, 2004: Steven Adler interview + VR video clips from their Hollywood show
October 15th, 2004: Duff: Axl Never Wrote Any Of The GN'R Music + Yet Another New Air Date Announced For VH1 VR Special + more
October 14th, 2004: Tommy in Blender magazine + GN'R & Slash in Q magazine
October 13th, 2004: Tommy HTGTH interview
October 13th, 2004: VR To Perform Free Show In Hollywood Parking Lot
October 12th, 2004: GN'R on tv in the UK and BTM in Canada + Danish Tommy interview + VR Cancel Rooftop Concert + more
October 12th, 2004: GN'R Set the Record Straight (press release)
October 9th, 2004: VELVET REVOLVER To Play Free Rooftop Show In Hollywood
October 8th, 2004: Tommy update from Copenhagen
October 7th, 2004: SLASH Talks Fatherhood + Axl & Slash mention
October 6th, 2004: Tommy Stinson to play in Greece next week + Helmet's Page Hamilton talks about Axl
October 5th, 2004: Hollywood Rose Japanese release to include DVD + Slash interview from Scotland available online
October 4th, 2004: New Camp Chaos Axl cartoon online
October 2nd, 2004: VGH review + Richard & Dizzy pic + GN'R wins on Danish radio + VR on the Tonight Show