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April - June 2004:

June 30th, 2004: Axl on Most Powerful People In Music list + Tommy news + Hollywood Rose first week sales
June 29th, 2004: Behind The Music: Guns N' Roses
June 28th, 2004: Guns N' Roses victim 'sickened' by adjudicator's decision + VR reviews/articles + chart update + show in Portugal?
June 27th, 2004: Who Killed Lori Lepper?
June 25th, 2004: Richard Fortus was on the Carson Daly show + VR articles & German tour dates
June 24th, 2004: SLASH Becomes Second-Time Dad
June 23rd, 2004: Velvet Revolver Explain Slash's Hat Trick + VR mentions on MTV + VR tour dates (Germany, Belgium, Spain) + Police used 'unnecessary force' in riot
June 22nd, 2004: Duff will be on America's Most Wanted + SLASH Get Charitable + Sources: SLASH's Son To Be Delivered By C-Section
June 21st, 2004: VR articles
June 20th, 2004: GUNS N' ROSES: 'Behind The Music' Air Date Pushed Back To July + VR in Spain + Steven Adler news
June 18th, 2004: GN'R on German Top 50 Rock Songs Of The Last 50 Years + Tommy & Richard guest appearance on Jesse Malin album + another VR tour date
June 17th, 2004: Hollywood Rose review in RS + Additional VR European dates + articles + Updated AA European tour dates
June 17th, 2004: VELVET REVOLVER Cancel Austin Show, WEILAND Ordered To Rest His Voice + New VR single + more
June 16th, 2004: Velvet Revolver at #1 on the Billboard chart
June 15th, 2004: STEVEN ADLER: I Wouldn't Join AXL ROSE's New Band For A Billion Dollars + VR to play in The Netherlands + 'Contraband' First-Week Sales Approaching 250K + more
June 14th, 2004: New dates for VH1 BTM + Duff & Izzy mention on + Photos from VELVET REVOLVER's After-Party In L.A. + VR on Fuse & in Stockholm
June 13th, 2004: Slash in the NY Post + Contraband debuts on Australian chart
June 12th, 2004: Axl on Classic Rock's "100 Greatest Frontmen" list + Colonel Claypool's Bucket of Bernie Brains album news + Message from Weiland
June 11th, 2004: VR on E! + Axl pic on Robin's site + GN'R items to be auctioned
June 10th, 2004: Velvet Revolver night in Greece + reviews/articles
June 10th, 2004: GN'R Bassist Works Solo While Awaiting Chinese Democracy + more Tommy news + Lawyer: Cop "lost it" during rock concert (Vancouver riot news)
June 9th, 2004: VELVET REVOLVER's 'Contraband' To Top 200,000 Copies Sold In First Week + VR on Dutch tv, articles + more
June 8th, 2004: Axl mention in Eminem / MTV 2004 Movie Awards article + VR mention at + more
June 8th, 2004: GN'R in Rolling Stone's 50th anniversary of Rock issue
June 6th, 2004: VR Portland show cancelled + Video Interview Posted Online
June 6th, 2004: VR PBS clip online + (Inside)Out: The Rise Of Velvet Revolver + more VR news
June 4th, 2004: Velvet Revolver Norwegian tour date + VR & GN'R mentions + more
June 3rd, 2004: Dizzy Reed on WAAF in Boston + Velvet Revolver playing in Denmark?
June 2nd, 2004: Behind The Music on VH1 tonight? + ADLER'S APPETITE To Enter Studio In November + VR Interviewed By WBCN FM: Audio Posted Online + Stick To Your Guns (GN'R tribute band)
June 1st, 2004: album preview of "Contraband"
May 31st, 2004: SLASH Can't Compare VELVET REVOLVER With Anything + Boston review + GN'R on VH1's "100 Most Metal Moments"
May 30th, 2004: Greatest Hits #1 in Belgium + VR in Belgium?
May 29th, 2004: GN'R on VH1 ILL-ustrated + New issue of Nightrain + VR on Rage & VR articles
May 27th, 2004: VELVET REVOLVER: NYC Show Attended By GNR Guitarist RICHARD FORTUS
May 26th, 2004: STEVEN ADLER Interviewed For GUNS N' ROSES VH1 Special: Photos Available + AA tour dates + more
May 25th, 2004: Velvet Revolver on Late Show tonight + more tv appearances
May 24th, 2004: Win a Meet & Greet at an European Adler's Appetite gig + GN'R & VR mentions at Metal Sludge
May 22nd, 2004: Velvet Revolver aim to shake up boring landscape of rock music + VR reviews
May 20th, 2004: Cop says he used fist, not his baton [Vancouver riot] + Fan Convention in Lisboa on May 28th
May 19th, 2004: Knockin' On Heaven's Door #4 in G1's top 10 covers + BTM: 1987 + VR live video clips
May 18th, 2004: VELVET REVOLVER: 'Frontline' Preview Posted Online + Behind The Music: 1987
May 16th, 2004: GN'R on Canada's MMM
May 15th, 2004: SCOTT WEILAND: I Get No Respect From The Press + VR articles + Spanish release date?
May 15th, 2004: GUNS N' ROSES: New Air Date For VH1 Documentary + New Dizzy interview + Adler's Appetite in Greece update
May 13th, 2004: GUNS N' ROSES Keyboardist DIZZY REED: East Coast Dates Announced + More VR tour dates and appearances (Letterman, Stern, Rolling Rock Town Fair Five)
May 12th, 2004: Scott Weiland's DUI postponed again + VELVET REVOLVER To Headline FANTASY ISLAND Festival
May 12th, 2004: Tommy Stinson Rears "Head"
May 11th, 2004: Officers face hearing into Guns 'N Roses riot
May 10th, 2004: GN'R documentary on British tv + More Adler's Appetite Euro dates
May 10th, 2004: Chris Vrenna talks about his GN'R experience + VELVET REVOLVER: 'Secret' Show Recorded For Possible Future Release + Setlist from the show
May 9th, 2004: GN'R back at #1 in the UK & Ireland, #3 in Belgium + Weiland's letter to Andy Langer of Revolver magazine
May 8th, 2004: GUNS N' ROSES: Tentative Air Date Set For VH1 Documentary + Ex-GUNS N' ROSES Guitarist IZZY STRADLIN Backs Out Of NEW YORK DOLLS Reunion Show + Greatest Hits #1 in Hungary + Weiland talks about changing song lyrics
May 7th, 2004: GN'R mention at
May 5th, 2004: GUNS N' ROSES: Ex-Bassist DUFF MCKAGAN Declines To Participate In VH1 Special + VR on PBS
May 4th, 2004: VELVET REVOLVER: First Tour Opener Announced, Warm-Up Date Rumor Fueled
May 4th, 2004: Former Guns N' Roses Members Fight for Control of Songs
May 3rd, 2004: VELVET REVOLVER: 'Letterman' Appearance Planned, THE WHO Dates A Possibility + VELVET REVOLVER: 'Slither' Video Posted Online
May 3rd, 2004: GUNS N' ROSES: VH1 Documentary To Air In June
May 2nd, 2004: GN'R on Total Guitar 100 Greatest Riffs Ever list + Dave Navarro & Matt talks about GN'R + Li'l GN'R article
May 1st, 2004: VR "Slither" review on Billboard + Slash mention in People magazine
April 30th, 2004: Velvet Revolver video update + VR was on KROQ earlier today
April 29th, 2004: VELVET REVOLVER: 'Slither' Video Premiere Postponed + SCOTT WEILAND Threatens Magazine Writer Over CD Review + GN'R mention on
April 28th, 2004: GUNS N' ROSES 'Greatest Hits' Ships Platinum In Europe + Velvet Revolver's "Contraband" Special Limited Edition cancelled + Hollywood Rose "Roots of Guns N Roses"
April 27th, 2004: Complete "Contraband" tracklisting + Matt in Drummer Magazine + Greatest Hits UK sales + ADLER'S APPETITE To Release Debut Album Through SHRAPNEL RECORDS + Unofficial GN'R biography update
April 26th, 2004: VELVET REVOLVER: 'Contraband' Bonus DVD Details Revealed
April 25th, 2004: VELVET REVOLVER's SLASH, Wife Attend 'Tease' Premiere + Gilby attends Gene Simmons' 'Asshole' Party In West Hollywood
April 24th, 2004: Duff in Soundi magazine
April 24th, 2004: VELVET REVOLVER: Limited-Edition Version Of 'Contraband' To Include Bonus DVD? + Slash mention on
April 23rd, 2004: GUNS N' ROSES Keyboardist Schedules East Coast Dates + Chart update + Weiland court update
April 22nd, 2004: Adler's Appetite European Tour + GN'R on MTV Brazil + Chart update + "Slither" Australian release + Camp Freddy news
April 21st, 2004: Greatest Hits US sales + Axl mention on Metal Sludge + VR on NRK1 & in Finnish magazine + Izzy & Gilby interview in fanzine
April 20th, 2004: GN'R in Classic Rock + Izzy mention + VR on + more
April 19th, 2004: GN'R on tv in Australia and the UK + Dizzy in Hartford + GN'R / Kill Bill: Vol. 2 comparison + VR on sale dates & album cover art
April 18th, 2004: NEW YORK DOLLS Singer: IZZY STRADLIN Will Do A Really Good Job At Reunion Show
April 18th, 2004: GN'R at #1 in the UK
April 17th, 2004: Greatest Hits chart update + Brain talks about his career in computer music + VR news (More tourdates? & "Slither" digital download)
April 16th, 2004: Velvet Revolver To Make Things 'Tight And Sweaty' In May
April 15th, 2004: LiveDaily Slash interview + GN'R night in Greece
April 15th, 2004: Velvet Revolver press release + tour dates + Duff & Slash on MTV2 Europe + Gilby not playing with Heart
April 15th, 2004: AJAX GARCIA: I Was Approached About Playing Guitar For GUNS N' ROSES
April 14th, 2004: Greatest Hits still at #9 in USA + Foo Fighters replace GN'R + November Rain on MTV's "Top 10 Rock Videos of the 90s" list + LEMMY, JERRY CANTRELL, CAMP FREDDY Jam In Hollywood: Photos Available
April 13th, 2004: "November Rain" on Kerrang! TV's best 20 videos list
April 12th, 2004: November Rain named best rock song of all time + Knockin' On Heaven's Door on Australian radio list
April 12th, 2004: VELVET REVOLVER To Kick Off Two-Month U.S. Tour On May 13 + Velvet Revolver Diggin' Tunnels No, Not To Spring Weiland
April 11th, 2004: GN'R concert on KLOS in L.A.? + Greatest Hits stuff
April 10th, 2004: Greatest Hits #1 in Ireland for four weeks + more chart updates
April 9th, 2004: Weiland Cleared For Velvet Revolver Tour
April 9th, 2004: Izzy to play with the New York Dolls in June + GN'R article in The Boston Phoenix + GN'R at #1 in Finland
April 8th, 2004: Listen to "Slither" & video clip posted + GN'R on Finnish MTV3
April 7th, 2004: VR "Slither" download [removed] + Duff & Slash interview clip + Greatest Hits drops on the Billboard chart + GN'R mention in Nirvana article
April 6th, 2004: Will Older GUNS N' ROSES Fans Buy A New Album From The Group? + Hanging Out With SLASH In New York City
April 5th, 2004: Greatest Hits back at #2 in the UK + GN'R (ex-)member(s) on MTV Nordic? + VR "Slither" video update + more
April 3rd, 2004: Slither on US radio + Gilby in Italy?
April 1st, 2004: Message from Robin + LARS ULRICH: KURT COBAIN Didn't Want To Share The Stage With GUNS N' ROSES + Duff & Slash on + more