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July - September 2003:

September 29th, 2003: Dave Navarro talks about RS 100 greatest guitarists of all time list, Slash & GN'R
September 28th, 2003: Piazza responds to Axl (I.R.S. related)
September 27th, 2003: Suki Jones with Izzy and Slash video download + Gilby Clarke Mexican Dates + GN'R on poll
September 25th, 2003: GUNS N' ROSES Guitarist Guests On New York Band's EP + Slash guests on Steve Lukather's Christmas album
September 24th, 2003: Brian May talks about Axl and Classic Rock
September 22nd, 2003: Slash, Izzy, and Steven Adler played three songs in L.A. last night
September 20th, 2003: GN'R mention in Entertainment Weekly
September 19th, 2003: GNR mentions in Blender magazine & Guitar World
September 17th, 2003: Buckethead releases album + Velvet Revolver in Guitar World
September 14th, 2003: Tommy Stinson article in the NY Times
September 12th, 2003: Lanegan Rocks With Gn'R Men + Tommy update + VR update from MTV + Offspring's album isn't called CD
September 12th, 2003: VR PR Vereecke respond to Weiland's accusations
September 11th, 2003: IRS blurb and Axl mention in Rolling Stone + VR update from Weiland
September 10th, 2003: VELVET REVOLVER Comment On RCA Signing
September 10th, 2003: Tyranis meets Axl
September 9th, 2003: GUNS N' ROSES BASEBALL SHOCKER! + Don't Cry on MTV2 + VR on cover of Spanish mag
September 7th, 2003: Chinese Democracy hopefully out early in the new year
September 6th, 2003: GN'R mentions in Esquire + VR Are 'Loving The Aliens (Sometimes)'
September 5th, 2003: VELVET REVOLVER Frontman Co-Writes Song For Rising Singer/Songwriter + Bucketheadland 2 release date + UYI on Norwegian charts
September 5th, 2003: WEILAND, Ex-GNR Members Were Free Agents Prior To Signing With RCA
September 4th, 2003: VELVET REVOLVER Record New Music, Drummer SORUM Prepares To Issue Solo Debut
September 3rd, 2003: New GNR Tune Leaked By ... NY Mets Catcher Mike Piazza?!
September 3rd, 2003: Heart (with Gilby) concert on VH1
September 2nd, 2003: IRS update from
September 2nd, 2003: GN'R mention in today's The Sun + Bucketheadland 2 delayed
August 31st, 2003: New GN'R track played on radio?
August 30th, 2003: GN'R & VR mentioned in John Lydon interview + Gilby update + VR has a new site
August 28th, 2003: Hungarian Police Seek Perpetrators Of Elaborate GUNS N' ROSES Concert Hoax
August 28th, 2003: GN'R mentioned in USA Today + Gilby news + Deli Creeps song in a movie
August 27th, 2003: Tommy's tour starts + GN'R on MTV Nordic
August 26th, 2003: Schizoid covers "My World"
August 26th, 2003: GUNS N' ROSES Drummer Guests On KIMYA DAWSON CD + Velvet Revolver news
August 25th, 2003: A little CD update + GN'R on tv
August 25th, 2003: Former GUNS N' ROSES Drummer Lands Solo Deal
August 25th, 2003: Download VR "Slither" + New Buckethead album coming
August 24th, 2003: Tommy talks about GN'R
August 23rd, 2003: Chinese Democracy named worst album in rock
August 23rd, 2003: Tommy Stinson open official site
August 22nd, 2003: It's Official: VELVET REVOLVER Sign With RCA RECORDS
August 22nd, 2003: A little GN'R album update from Tommy
August 22nd, 2003: Shocking: GN'R Bassist Stinson Has Plenty Of Time To Work On Solo Material
August 21st, 2003: Velvet Revolver to sign with RCA? + GN'R on MTV's VMA Wildest Moments show
August 20th, 2003: Axl in NY Post + GN'R in book about Sunset Strip + New Tommy interview
August 20th, 2003: Some GN'R news from a Tommy article
August 19th, 2003: ADLER'S APPETITE: West Coast Dates Announced
August 18th, 2003: Scott Weiland Gets Probation; Velvet Revolver Scrap EP
August 17th, 2003: Richard in NY Times + Axl spotted in NYC
August 16th, 2003: Velvet Revolver DVD/EP cancelled + Weiland gets probation
August 15th, 2003: Listen to new Buckethead track + Velvet Revolver download + Reminder: GN'R on MTV
August 13th, 2003: Camp Freddy at Irvine Meadows Lollapalooza + GN'R's November Rain performance MTV Latin America + Duff posts at VR forum?
August 10th, 2003: Izzy news + VR Billboard Ranking
August 9th, 2003: GN'R on 2003 VMA Uncensored + Slash to appear at Michael Jackson's birthday party? + Velvet Revolver in Metal Edge
August 8th, 2003: GN'R on VH1's Top 33 Greatest Bar Songs + Axl mentions in a NY Daily News and Rolling Stone + GN'R mention in RS
August 4th, 2003: VELVET REVOLVER: Live Performance Of 'Sex Type Thing' Posted Online + VR on Billboard chart
August 2nd, 2003: VELVET REVOLVER Label Bidding Down To Three Finalists + Axl mention in GMR magazine
August 1st, 2003: VELVET REVOLVER: Label Bidding War 'Out Of Control' + Matt Sorum Guest On PRE)THING Single
July 31st, 2003: Gilby on tv on Aug 1st + Velvet Revolver on Billboard chart + Axl mention in Weiland article
July 31st, 2003: Velvet Revolver "Set Me Free" video premiere on MTV Europe
July 30th, 2003: VELVET REVOLVER: Live Video Posted Online + Gilby To Guest On New HEART Album
July 27th, 2003: Candy (Gilby's old band) to release album + Weiland news
July 25th, 2003: Spokesperson: Ex-GUNS N' ROSES Guitarist Will Not Be Collaborating With Actress GINA GERSHON
July 24th, 2003: Appetite For Destruction reached #1 15 years ago + Gershon Taps Slash, Perry
July 24th, 2003: Velvet Revolver Hits The Studio
July 23rd, 2003: Velvet Revolver to release an EP via Immortal Records?
July 23rd, 2003: Axl on VH1's 200 Pop Culture Icons list + Slash posts message to fans + VR on Billboard charts
July 23rd, 2003: Stinson Sets Solo Dates With The Figgs
July 22nd, 2003: GN'R mention in article about recording studios and how they fight leaks
July 21st, 2003: ADLER'S APPETITE Split With JIZZY PEARL, Announce Replacement
July 21st, 2003: Random news (Camp Freddy + 200 Greates Pop Culture Icons + Dizzy's wife publishes book)
July 20th, 2003: Marco Beltrami talks about working with GN'R
July 19th, 2003: VELVET REVOLVER To Record With Legendary Producer BOB EZRIN
July 17th, 2003: Axl previews Chinese Democracy tracks in Vegas
July 17th, 2003: Slash on Boo Yaa Tribe cd + Duff & Scott in Miami + GN'R mention at
July 16th, 2003: Slash talks about a GN'R reunion + Slash on Peter Tosh tribute album + VR on the Billboard charts
July 14th, 2003: Tommy Stinson tour
July 13th, 2003: Axl mention in NY Daily News + First official VR pic online
July 12th, 2003: VR to play shows in August? + Weiland court update
July 9th, 2003: Chinese Democracy update + Velvet Revolver Billboard update
July 8th, 2003: GN'R on VH1 + Slash not writing songs for Gina
July 7th, 2003: CAMP FREDDY To Play Las Vegas Later In The Month
July 5th, 2003: Velvet Revolver Billboard Rankings + Former GUNS N' ROSES Guitarist To Write Songs For GINA GERSHON's Solo CD
July 3rd, 2003: Hulk soundtrack review in RS + VR in latest issue of Kerrang!
July 1st, 2003: DUFF MCKAGAN Explains Why SEBASTIAN BACH Was Not Chosen To Sing For VELVET REVOLVER
July 1st, 2003: GN'R mention and Slash quote in Spin magazine article about Jane's Addiction