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April - June 2003:

June 30th, 2003: GN'R reference in Charlie's Angels + Axl pic in National Enquirer + VR download + SR-71's 'Axl Rose' Available For Download
June 30th, 2003: GN'R on MTV's VMAs lists + Travis Meeks of Days of the New talks about VR
June 28th, 2003: Velvet Revolver El Rey Theatre EP and DVD coming in October?
June 27th, 2003: Tommy Stinson Announces U.K. & U.S. Tour Dates; Solo Album Nears Completion
June 26th, 2003: GN'R on MTV's The Wrap + Velvet Revolver in Kerrang! + Update on Tommy's tour dates + Deli Creeps show
June 25th, 2003: Tommy solo shows + GN'R in Classic Rock + Weiland Discusses Genesis Of Velvet Revolver
June 25th, 2003: The Argument: Retire The Guns N' Roses Name
June 23rd, 2003: Former GUNS N' ROSES Drummer To Appear On MR. BIG Tribute CD
June 21st, 2003: Ex-GN'R Members, Weiland Make Live Debut As Velvet Revolver
June 19th, 2003: GNR #10 in RS 20 Greatest Live Bands
June 19th, 2003: Velvet Revolver Loads Up For Live Debut
June 18th, 2003: Velvet Revolver Live in Los Angeles
June 17th, 2003: Axl Hopeful For Album Release Soon - Attends Led Zep Release Party
June 17th, 2003: Blink-182 LP Gets Title From GN'R + Velvet Revolver news (Weiland interview + site open)
June 16th, 2003: Velvet Revolver on tv tonight (15th) during the NBA game
June 16th, 2003: GN'R on Total Guitar's Greatest Guitar Albums list + Gilby (with Heart) on the Late Late Show
June 15th, 2003: Supergroup Velvet Revolver 'Set' for Big Things
June 11th, 2003: Gene Simmons wants Axl to appear on his solo album
June 11th, 2003: GN'R on VH1's list of the 100 Greatest Songs of the Past 25 Years.
June 11th, 2003: GN'R on RS poll + Velvet Revolver news + Gilby on the Tonight Show + more
June 11th, 2003: Stinson Swims In Solo Waters
June 10th, 2003: Gnronline updated + Velvet Revolver in Hulk trailer + Slash on WAAF in Boston?
June 9th, 2003: It's Official: WEILAND/Ex-GUNS N' ROSES Band To Call Themselves VELVET REVOLVER
June 8th, 2003: open + Buckethead & Brain news + Scott Weiland announcement
June 7th, 2003: Izzy Rolling Out "Dog" Days
June 6th, 2003: Scott Weiland Gets Official Nod To Lead Ex-GN'R Members
June 6th, 2003: Slash Welcomes Weiland
June 5th, 2003: Music From The Motion Picture, The Hulk, To Be Released On Decca/UMG Soundtracks
June 5th, 2003: SUKI JONES To Become ADLER'S APPETITE
June 5th, 2003: It's Official: SCOTT WEILAND To Front Ex-GUNS N' ROSES Band
June 4th, 2003: GOD FORBID Cover GUNS N' ROSES For Upcoming Tribute CD
June 4th, 2003: Set Me Free mp3 + Izzy album on the way
June 3rd, 2003: Weiland Pleads Innocent in Drug Case, Enters Rehab
June 3rd, 2003: Gilby to be on TV + Weiland & Duff pics
June 2nd, 2003: Ex-GUNS N' ROSES Band's Cover Of PINK FLOYD's 'Money': MP3 Clip Posted Online
June 1st, 2003: Possible The Project/Reloaded show? + Steven at the Meatloaf & Friends All Star Jam & Pool Party
May 30th, 2003: GN'R on MTV Poll + Tommy touring? + Rick Richards touring
May 28th, 2003: Ex-GUNS N' ROSES/WEILAND Collaboration To Be Included On 'The Hulk' CD
May 27th, 2003: Suki Jones Live Photos + upcoming Deli Creeps shows
May 24th, 2003: GN'R on VH1's 25 Greatest Power Ballads + GN'R mentioned on Dutch MTV + Steven appearance + Lars Ulrich mentions GN'R
May 21st, 2003: Weiland Hit With Drug Charge
May 19th, 2003: Random news (Weiland arrested + MSP "It's So Easy" + CD update)
May 17th, 2003: Vancouver police won't face charges in GN'R riot
May 17th, 2003: STEVEN ADLER: 'The New GUNS N' ROSES Album Will Suck'
May 16th, 2003: GNR/Weiland Band Goes To The Movies
May 15th, 2003: A little GN'R update from Dizzy
May 14th, 2003: Ex-Gunners' Band Coming Soon To A Theater Near You
May 13th, 2003: Random news (Deli Creeps show, Suki Jones, Axl mention, Camp Freddy on tv, Vote for GN'R)
May 13th, 2003: Weiland to Front Gn'R Band
May 11th, 2003: The Project news (possible band name & album release)
May 10th, 2003: GN'R update from Richard and Tommy
May 9th, 2003: Axl in NY Post + GN'R on some charts + Slash in RS
May 9th, 2003: Duff and Izzy guest on new Mark Lanegan album
May 9th, 2003: WARRANT Guitarist To Join SUKI JONES For East Coast Dates
May 7th, 2003: Weiland/Guns N' Roses Record Second Song
May 6th, 2003: KID ROCK, SLASH Jam On 'Sweet Home Alabama' At Barnstable Brown Gala
May 5th, 2003: Black Market Publishing announces plans for Izzy Stradlin Biography
May 5th, 2003: Longtime GUNS N' ROSES Photographer Sues AXL ROSE For Failing To Honor Contract
April 28th, 2003: Buckethead & Brain at Atlanta's Music Midtown + Duff & Slash TV apperances
April 28th, 2003: Weiland, Gn'R Cover Floyd
April 27th, 2003: Beaten men to sue city police
April 26th, 2003: GN'R @ #6 on MTV's 'Greatest Video Stars' list + The Flaming Lips talks about Slash
April 25th, 2003: Marco Beltrami & GN'R / New GN'R song titles?
April 25th, 2003: Duff & Slash hosting Power Hour on MMM in Canada + "The Project" + Steven news
April 24th, 2003: "The Project" to contribute song to The Italian Job + Slash on MTV
April 24th, 2003: Richard Fortus interview with some info about album and tour
April 22nd, 2003: Upcoming GN'R related shows
April 21st, 2003: Random news
April 16th, 2003: Ex-Gunners Still Searching For Singer
April 14th, 2003: New wheels for Axl with local musical
April 14th, 2003: Sebastian Bach Or Scott Weiland To Fill Axl's Jackboots?
April 12th, 2003: Slash's caricature on South Park + Axl's this week's loser in EW + vote for GN'R
April 10th, 2003: SCOTT WEILAND To Audition For New Ex-GUNS N' ROSES Band?
April 9th, 2003: Mike Patton declined offer to sing for "The Project"
April 7th, 2003: Sebastian Bach working with "The Project"?
April 3rd, 2003: Dizzy appearances + Buckethead shows + Offspring update
April 2nd, 2003: Guns N' Roses' Chinese Democracy Snatched By Offspring
April 1st, 2003: The Offspring Scoop Axl