October 26th, 2006

So, ten years online. That's quite some time. To give you an idea, back in 1996 there was no Google, Ebay, Youtube or Myspace.

There were a few GN'R sites around back then. They all lacked most of the information I had available. There was no history of the band, and none of the articles I had were available online. So instead of transcribing articles and trying to put together a history of the band for the other sites, I decided to do that and also figure out how to make my own site.

I took the magazines and typed out a few articles. Then put together the history of the band using several magazines, books, interviews and so on as the sources. Then put it all together to form a little website.

The site needed a name and I thought the phrase printed on the back of the only GN'R t-shirt I got at a GN'R show (at the time) sounded like a good idea. Everybody else's sites had names taken from song titles and so on, and I figured there was no need for another site named after a song. The back of my t-shirt that I got at the August 16th, 1991 show in Stockholm says Here Today... Gone To Hell! G.N'F'NR'S.

I put the site on a free webhosting service and kept adding to the site while learning HTML at the same time.

I never had any goals or plans for the site, I just kept going because it was fun. I learned things while keeping myself up to date with my favorite band. It's still like that.

Through the years I've seen other sites come and go. I guess it's easy to start a site, but it's not easy to keep going if you lose interest after a while, or think your site will become a huge success over night. I remember a time when everybody was starting their own GN'R sites. Then that changed and everybody was starting their own message boards/discussion forums. Many of them aren't around anymore though. Because, as I said, it's one thing to start something and something completely different to keep it going when you don't get the number of visitors you wished for...

Everybody who keeps working on a fan site just because they're fans, deserves respect. It's not always easy.

It's also very cool that the year when this site turns ten, has been the most exciting in the world of GN'R. So far this year I've gotten to see multiple GN'R shows all over Europe. It's been an amazing experince seeing the band from Lisbon to London and meeting people at the shows.

So, thanks for reading and visiting my little site. It's been one hell of a ride.

I have to thank a few people for all their help, support, contributions etc. over the past year or years (in random order):
J-P, Nalle, Adam, G from Brooklyn, Christos, Katrin, Amanda, Maribeth, Justyna, Antonio, Pasi, Jim, Laura E., Kiki, Dylan & Ed, Will, Mika, Henni, Mike R, Mysteron, Ian & Nightrain, Kim, Ravi, Stephen, Laura, Graciela, Danny, Falcon, Anthony, all the mods who've helped over the years, Erik S, Greg, Hollie, band, crew & management, Eric B, Dean, Rainfox, Carl-Henrik, Jon E., Kalle, Mikko, Aero, Mark & John, Atelien, Adam S., Jerrod, Chris, Arron, Mike (33), Adi, Jukka, Lourenco, Rui, Borivoj, Jeff / Dust N' Bones, Shelly & Michelle @ GN'R Bar, some sites that were around in '96 (.44 Calibre Horticulture, Paradise City), Velimir, the ones who keeps the message board interesting and of course everybody else who's sent in news, articles, scans, pictures, corrections, suggestions, comments etc.!

Thank you!







The site goes online on October 26th. The first webhost is a free Swedish webhost called Passagen.

At first the page has a few articles and a history of the band. Later I added a news section and lyrics.

The biggest news in the GN'R world is that Slash quits. The announcement is made within a week since this site went online...

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During 1997 I added the "new album" page with updates about the next studio album.

Audio downloads in the form of mp3s were also added during this year. At the time I had a computer that wasn't capable of encoding mp3s so I had to get them encoded at a friend's place.

In 1997 we heard rumors about Moby and Chris Vrenna working with GN'R. Robin joins the band.

1998 Axl is arrested in Phoenix, Josh Freese and Tommy join the band. Sean Beavan is producing.

Welcome To The Videos is released on VHS.


The first version of our message board went online in 1999. Unfortunately it didn't last long due to the fact that it was very simple and there were no moderation features.

Live Era '87-'93 is released. The first new GN'R album to be released during the site's existance. A music news site e-mails me and asks me what I think of the idea.

The first new original track from GN'R since the Use Your Illusion albums appears on the End Of Days soundtrack.


We get a new message board at Ezboard. Some of the moderators and people who still post on the board joined at this stage.

Axl speaks to Rolling Stone in early 2000. Josh leaves and Buckethead joins. Robin rejoins and Brain joins the band.

Axl jams with Gilby at a show in the summer


GN'R plays shows in Las Vegas and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The site is getting more popular. I buy tickets to the GN'R show in Stockholm in June...


The message board moves from Ezboard and switches to YaBB.

The site itself gets a domain name and is moved to a webhosting company.

In October, we switched to YaBB SE.

Richard joins GN'R and GN'R play shows in Asia, Europe and perform at the MTV VMAs.

The North American tour starts... And ends too soon


The site moves again due to increased traffic and incompetent webhosting. After getting billed for exceeding the monthly traffic without any kind of warning, I move the site to a host abroad. The sales person at the new host thinks I have an "old" site because it's been online for so long.

In the GN'R world: Tommy records a solo album and tours, Axl previews Chinese Democracy tracks in Las Vegas, Mike Piazza plays IRS on the radio. We get "Welcome to the Videos", "Use Your Illusion I" and "Use Your Illusion II" DVDs


I travel to London and attend a VR gig as well as their signing session. I meet several people from our message board there.

A few weeks later I get to see Tommy play a solo gig opening for Jesse Malin. I also get to interview him after his set.

Greatest Hits is released and sells a lot.

Buckethead leaves...

Tommy's "Village Gorilla Head" is released and he tours in Europe and North America

Axl does the voice of Tommy "The Nightmare" Smith in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas


Start the year by going to London to see VR play three nights. It's a fun weekend filled with live shows, liquid lunches and meeting people from the message board.

Only a few weeks later I go and see Steven Adler's band in Gothenburg.

I move the site to new server just when something major happens in the GN'R world. Funny how things work.

IRS leaks, Dizzy tours, Richard tours with Nena and becomes a dad


Start the year with booking plane tickets to Lisbon to see GN'R. Spend most of the spring planning and trying to figure what shows to attend. At the end of the summer the show count is at eleven and I don't know how many people from the message board I have met.

We had a blast at all the shows. It started with an excellent pre-show party in Lisbon in May and ended with breakfast at a Subway on Oxford Street in London at the end of July...

If you want to read my "tour diary" from the past summer, you can do so by clicking here.

Lots of action on the GN'R front so far this year: Axl at the Korn's tour launch party, People will hear music this year, Axl spotted in Las Vegas, European tour announced, leaks, Axl at VIP Sopranos Premiere, GN'R plays NYC, Izzy joins GN'R on stage, GN'R plays in Europe, Axl goes to British GP, Sweden keeps Axl for extended time, Brain becomes a dad, North American tour announced, Axl introduces The Killers at the VMAs, GN'R plays in Vegas and California and the North American tour starts...

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