Robin Finck
Picture courtesy of tonya.
  • Name: Robin Finck

  • Born: November 7, 1971 in Marietta, GA

  • Main Instrument: Guitar

  • Other Instruments: Keyboards, Chainsaw (!)

  • Bands Before GN'R: Impotent Sea Snakes, Sick Mother Fuckers (SMF), Nine Inch Nails, Cirque Du Soleil Orchestra

  • Member of GN'R: From mid-1997 to August 1st, 1999 and from October 2000 (?) to 2008 (re-joined NIN)

  • Other: One of the writers for My Birthday Party (2003). A show involving acrobatics, storytelling, music, acting and clowning at the Miles Memorial Playhouse in Santa Monica, CA.

    Robin is also a photographer.

  • Official site:

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