Axl Rose

Axl Rose

  • Real name: William Bruce Bailey (William Rose)

  • Born: February 6, 1962

  • Hometown: Lafayette, Indiana

  • Height: 5 feet, 9 inches

  • Parents: L. Stephen and Sharon Bailey

  • Siblings: Two (Amy and Stuart, Axl is the oldest)

  • Main vocal influence: Michael Monroe

  • Age began singing: Five

  • Place began singing: Church

  • Age kicked out of house: Sixteen

  • Longest time served in jail: Three months

  • Alternative choice of occupation: Lawyer, he has defended himself at trials.

  • Pets: Maltese dogs

  • Bands before GN'R: A X L, Rose, Hollywood Rose, L.A. Guns

  • Recorded with (amongst others): Sebastian Bach, Steve Jones, Don Henley and Gilby Clarke

  • Other info: Sang in the Bailey Trio with his brother and sister.

  • Accolades: Ronnie James Dio Lifetime Achievement Award (Revolver magazine, 2014)
    Greatest Front Man Of All Time (MusicRadar, December 2010)
    #7 in Spin magazine's list of the 50 Greatest Frontmen Of All Time (August 2004)


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