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January, 2001
Axl interview Radio Rock And Pop Chile
Radio Rock And Pop Chile, January 2001
DJ: Axl, good afternoon. Hello? We're on the air now.

Axl: Very good

DJ: Well, I'm going to ask you a few questions. I'm gonna try to translate as soon as you answer. So you have to be as clearly, clear as possible OK?

The first question is: What places did you visit in Chile? I understand that you guys, the guys from Iron Maiden recommended you Chile for you to rest and to have a few resting days. What can you tell me about that?

Axl: I never talked to anybody from Iron Maiden. So I don't know what you're talking about.

DJ: But what was your idea of having some rest here in Chile

Axl: The idea was, I wanted to play Buenos Aires and Santiago. And for us. For some reasons that did not work out right now. So I wanted to come anyway. I wanted to experience and feel what it was like to be in Argentina and feel the people.

DJ: What places did you visit Axl? [translates] Did you hear what I said?

Axl: Yes, I went to Las Tacas. Um, and basically here in Santiago I went to different places. I went to museums here in Santiago. And some different places, but just to meet different people and see what they.

DJ: Axl, the intensity of the festivals both Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires put you in contact with the South America and after many years with the people How to feel about the live shows you did. [translates]

Axl. We only played in Rio and it was amazing. And it was amazing to play for the people, it was amazing that the people were that, were so happy and so excited. Um, it was. It worked for the band and I was very proud of them. I thought that they did very well. And it was very fun for me to play with the new band.

DJ: [translates]

DJ: Axl, um. Every fan, every Guns N' Roses fan expect you to record a new album. When is it gonna be possible to hear new material from Guns N' Roses? [translates]


Axl, are you there?

Axl: I'm here.

DJ: Yes, did you understand?

Axl: Yes I understood

DJ: When is it gonna be the new album? Is it possible that we're gonna have a new record from Guns N' Roses?

Axl: Yes, I've heard. Um, hopefully we will put out a new single umm sometime this spring and then the record gonna be done in June or shortly thereafter.

DJ: [translates]

How do you feel with the new band Axl? [translates]

Axl: I hear you every time!

DJ: [Laughs] Why is it that you don't answer or take so much time to answer?

Axl: I think it's you. I hear you and I answer, but you do not hear me.

DJ: Oh yeah. There is some problem with the signal or something. Well, we're hearing.

Axl: Alright, I'm gonna call back

DJ: I'm sorry? I beg your pardon. [translates]. We're gonna try to start this again.

Woman: Hello

DJ: Hello

Woman: He's answering to all your questions, the problem is that you're not listening to him and then you think he's not answering. But he's answering right away to every single question.

DJ: [translates?]

Is it possible to have another call from him?

Woman: Yeah, do you want me to call back?

DJ: Oh yes indeed.

Woman: OK. The same phone number?

DJ: The same phone number please.

Woman: OK

DJ: Thank you. Bye. [translates]

[Welcome To The Jungle]

DJ: Axl are you there?

Axl: Yes I am.

DJ: OK, now we can hear you clearly clearly clearly. Umm, we were talking about the things about the fans expecting the new band and the new record. Are you gonna work with the same people that are playing live with you here in South America?

Axl: Yes, that is who will be on the new record and there may be also a couple of other players. Brian May from Queen plays on a couple of songs. Umm, the drummer Josh Freese, umm who is in another band now, he plays on a lot of the songs. Umm, and... but mainly you know it will be the new band and the new band to play the songs live.

DJ: OK [translates].

Axl, what about this rumor. Maybe it is only a rumor that you were going to play in South America by November 2001?

Axl: Yes, it's very possible. It's very possible that we will play in November or January. Um, you know, November this year or January of next year. Um, I'm very excited to play here. I want to come back and play Rio again. And play, you know, Buenos Aires and Santiago and hopefully other South American countries, you know. As soon as we can.

DJ: [translates]

Axl, what do you remember about the visit you paid to us in 92. It was in 1992. It was really, really big.. I remember that there was a fan that died during this, during this huge amount of people coming to the stadium. What do you remember about your visit in Chile?

Axl: Um, well I, you know, that situation was very tragic. Other parts of the you know experience as far as the show and the people, you know, was very big and very exciting. Then I was in a lot of trouble with the media and, and the authorities [laughs]. So, I did not personally, you know, with the problems and being in trouble and then the tragedy at the show, it wasn't as much fun for me. And that's another reason why I wanted to come back to Santiago. And I think that it's good that I came back not to do a show yet, but just came to Santiago to enjoy Santiago. You know, to heal memories and to feel good about Chile and to.. You know, I go around, you know, asking people, you know, about Chile and what Chile is about and listening to them. And so that's been a very good experience for me.

DJ: [translates]

Axl, we're thanking you here. Everybody here at Radio Rock And Pop thanks you for your time. I hope that you come soon again and I hope that you give us now, to the listeners to Radio Rock And Pop your farewell and your salute. What do you say?

Axl: Uh, yes. Thank you very much. And I'll like to thank all the listeners of Rock And Pop for you know, and all the fans for their love and support. And, we will come to Santiago as soon as we can. Hopefully as early as November or January. And, you know, just I really appreciate the support and thank you very much. And we would love to see you soon.

DJ: Have you had any Chilean meal, yet?

Axl: Yes, yes, yes.....

DJ: What did you have?

Axl: Uhh, a type of corn pie type thing.

DJ: Oh yeah.

Axl: Yes

DJ: [Spanish]

Axl: Yes, it was very good.

DJ: Oh yes

Axl: Very good. And the seafood here is amazing.

DJ: Oh, yes they say. Axl, thank you very much. It's been very nice talking to you.

Axl: Thank you. Gracias.

DJ: OK, bye bye

Axl: Bye Bye

DJ: Nice trip.

Axl: Alright


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