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December 5th, 2012
I have always wanted to play in India: Axl Rose
Hindustan Times
Nirmika Singh, Hindustan Times Mumbai, December 05, 2012

Back in 1987, the hard rock band Guns Ní Roses rose to fame with the release of their first album, Appetite For Destruction. Following which, songs like Sweet child oí mine, November rain and Paradise city from their repertoire comprising all of six albums, attained cult status. In the 25 years since theyíve been in business, the bandís success story has also been punctuated with frequent line-up changes and long intervals of no releases.

Ahead of the Guns Ní Roses Mumbai concert this Sunday as part of their debut tour of India, the bandís iconic frontman Axl Roses talks about life, music and more.

Your concert is going to fulfil the dreams of many diehard Guns Ní Roses fans. What took you so long to get here?
Iíve always wanted to play in India. Weíve tried to make it happen, but for whatever reasons, it just wasnít working out. Weíre all very excited and looking forward to performing for everyone.

Itís been four years since your last release, Chinese Democracy. Are you working on something new now? When can fans expect your next release?
Yes, in the future! Ha!GNíR has been in business for almost three decades. Like many other bands, it has also seen many line-up changes.

How challenging is it for a band to stay united despite such creative differences?
In order to simply survive, make a living and to be able to tour and do shows like these, creative differences arenít the only differences that are challenges. I donít feel most of the differences or challenges with Appetiteís (GNíRís debut album Appetite For Destruction, 1987) or other lineups had anything to do with musical differences or GNíRís music. In my opinion, our issues had to do with control, public perception or misperception and whoís in the lineupís music, and not the particular style, sound or genre.

Any advice to upcoming bands on how to stay a cohesive unit?
Iíd say we all learn the hard way, whether we want to or not, that you have to protect yourself individually in business and then you can work at being as fair and democratic as possible. But without having your house in order first, you wonít have the tools or foundation to make things work between each other when the going gets tough.

Since this is going to be your debut concert here, what are you looking forward to the most?
Giving a successful show, having the fans feel good about the concert and their time there and... I love Indian food!

Any cultural experiences youíd like to indulge in while you are here?
Iím sure the rest of the guys and crew will visit some places. If Iím lucky, Iíll be able to. Mostly, Iíll focus on the shows, but if I have time, Iím excited to explore India.

Are there any Indian artistes you follow or would like to collaborate with in the future?
Itís something I want to explore.

In their 25-year-old career, the band has released six albums, the most recent being Chinese Democracy, in 2008.


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