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October 16th, 1996
Transcript of Slash online chat
Pepsi Live @ Ticketmaster Online

Slash Says: Hello. This is very interesting to me to be here but it's good to be here.

From cscrider@olemiss.edu: Do you plan on putting out an album with nothing but you playing the guitar?
Slash Says: At this point in time I don't have any plans to do that but the possibilities are endless.

From elly@ukonline.co.uk: How many domestic cats do you have?
Slash Says: twelve.

From hazlett@enigma.rider.edu: What are some of the bands playing now, that you like?
Slash Says: Soundgarden, obviously, Alice in Chains, Elastica, En Vogue...off the top of my head, that's the list.

From jf257985@wcupa.edu: How old are you??
Slash Says: thirty-one.

From Chris netsput. nreca. org: How has your group been going latly
Slash Says: Which one?

From ad019@chebucto.ns.ca: Hi Slash. Is Axl going to be the permanent rythum player? Or is that classified information?
Slash Says: As far as I know, Axl's intention is not to be the rhythm guitar player.

From !!KoRn!!: Slash- did you ever feel the craving to shave off all your hair? i'm sure it gets agravating.
Slash Says: The thought has occurred to me a couple of times during the summer, but it will probably never happen. When it gets hot I just put it in a ponytail.

From allanr@udel.edu: What are the plans for GNR? When is the new album coming out and how about a tour?
Slash Says: Right now, Axl and I are deliberating over the future of our relationship.

From Zakk (a.muffitt@mail.utexas.edu): What do you think of instrumentalists like Satriani and Vai?
Slash Says: That's a medium of music that I am not particularly interested in.

From rrhuehn@compu.net: Slash, How are things going with your snake pit? What happens when you have to work with GNR? Does your band go on hold?
Slash Says: If I'm working with Guns, Snake Pit's on hold, if I'm not, Snake Pit's fine. Snake Pit's more of a fun project than anything else.

From rrhuehn@compu.net: Slash, I heard a rumor that Zakk Wylde may be in the GNR lineup. Is there any truth to that?
Slash Says: Zakk jammed with the band for a really short period of time and it just didn't work out.

From rrhuehn@compu.net: I saw GNR on a icy night in Madison WI in 87 when you opened for Alice Cooper. I didn't even know who you were at the time, But you were great!!!
Slash Says: Thanks.

From affie_c@scsu.ctstateu.edu: What will you and Axl do to avoid the burn out that came from doing a long tour and delaying the start of a new album
Slash Says: I can't speak on Axl's behalf, but I enjoy touring, so I keep playing constantly.

From affie_c@scsu.ctstateu.edu: What direction will the new album take? Will you do alot of different things like Use your Issulion or a more hard edge like Appetite?
Slash Says: I would like it to be hard edged like Appetite, but at this moment in time I have no idea what direction it's going in. I have only been back in the band for three weeks and my relationship with Axl right now is sort of at a stand still.

From elly@ukonline.co.uk: How many Snakes do you currently have, and what is the most rare?
Slash Says: I have roughly around a hundred and eighty permanent snakes, but we keep breeding them so it changes all the time. My most rare snakes to date are my albino boa constrictors.

From J. Ray: Hi Slash. Linda's getting on in a minute. Thanks for the Guitar!!
Slash Says: You're welcome.

From Affie_c@scsu.ctstateu.edu: What is it about you that makes alot of people like MJ want to work with you?
Slash Says: Usually it's either people I hang out with, that I get along with, that happen to be musicians as well, or it might be something about my guitar playing, I don't know.

From elly@ukonline.co.uk: Are Guns N' Roses back together in the studio as a band, or are you recording your various parts separately?
Slash Says: At this point in time we have only been collaborating together. But we have been doing mostly Axl's material.

From hazlett@enigma.rider.edu: Do you like Nirvana and what's your opinion of Kurt Cobain?
Slash Says: I thought Nirvana was brilliant. I thought Kurt Cobain was brilliant as well. It was sad to see him go. I also think Foo Fighters are great too.

From lscott@pgh.ne: Hi, Slash! I have your black Les Paul that I got from Dawn's group. She says hi! Thanks a lot - it's great! I wanted to ask you if you ever get stage fright? Linda
Slash Says: I didn't know who Linda was exactly, but I'm glad you like the Les Paul. I get stage fright before every show. That's why I play on stage so much, so as to combat it.

Congratulations to Heather Quick of Martin, Tennessee. She's won an autographed copy of the soundtrack to "Curdled" featuring Slash from Pepsi World and Ticketmaster Online!

From scottr@alphaclp.clpgh.org: Slash: When we saw Snakepit at the Odeon in Cleveland, you had "Police Line" yellow tape around your amps. I've seen that in other pictures of you, too. What's the story?
Slash Says: We were out on tour one time and we stole some police tape from the venue and we put it over the amps. It became a trademark.

From !!KoRn!!: SLASH- how old where you when you learned the guitar?
Slash Says: Fifteen years old.

From ad019@chebucto.ns.ca: Being the best guitarist ever what do you think of the music scene right now?
Slash Says: I appreciate the compliment about being the best guitar player, although that's definitely inaccurate, but I do think, in the current music scene good guitar playing is definitely overlooked as being an important element of rock and roll.

From rsadows@ibm.net: Slash, We(20 of us sitting in front of the computer)Want to ask 2 questions. 1.Do you remember giving away a black les Paul Standard to steve's music in Ottawa in either 92 or 91? Cause we have it!!!!!! 2. We just want to know who is playing rhythm for the next tour?
Slash Says: Off the top of my head, I don't remember. And we don't know.

From scottr@alphaclp.clpgh.org: What's your favorite Led Zep song?
Slash Says: Your Time is Gonna Come, off Zeppelin I.

From Brian bconman@bright.net: Do you use stock (Slash Marshalls)or are they modded in any way?
Slash Says: The Slash model Marshalls are stock.

From kirra@sc.edu: Do you think JFK would have pulled us out of Vietnam if he hadn't been assasinated?
Slash Says: That's a good one...I think it's a possibility.

From rshah@ucla.edu: What is Izzy Stradlin' up to? Will he be performing/or writing with GNR at all?
Slash Says: Last time I saw Izzy, he was on the way to Mexico. When I went to play with Alice Cooper, and I haven't seen or heard from him since. As far as I know, he's just doing donuts around the house with his motorcycle.

Congratulations to Kent Pickard of Clayton, Wisconsin. He's won an autographed copy of the soundtrack to "Curdled" featuring Slash from Pepsi World and Ticketmaster Online!

From lscott@pgh.net: Hi, Slash! How did you like being in Howard Stern's picture and are you interested in doing more acting?? Linda (your guitar is really nice but what are those silver metal things??)
Slash Says: I wasn't acting, I was just doing a cameo, and I don't have any future plans to pursue acting. The metal things are strings...

jtdooley@hsonline.net From Jonathan: If you could be in any other band , what band would it be?
Slash Says: Parliament.

From scottr@alphaclp.clpgh.org: What's the longest concert you ever played?
Slash Says: I would say the Forum, 199-something.

From rshah@ucla.edu: Hey Slash, considering your superior guitar talents, what do you think that your favorite GNR song is?
Slash Says: All Guns N' Roses songs are my favorite, or else we wouldn't have recorded them.

jtdooley@hsonline.net From Jonathan: What band did you play in first???
Slash Says: The first band I played in was Tidus Solan.

Congratulations to Tara Witherite of Pleasant Gap, Pennsylvania. She's won an autographed copy of "Curdled" featuring Slash from Pepsi World and Ticketmaster Online!

From lm22@cornell.edu: Slash, Are you starting a supergroup with Tommy Lee and David Lee Roth? (And therefore will you change your name to Slash Lee?) Thanks, LBM
Slash Says: No.

From bj@ncia.net: What is your part in Howard Stern's new movie ?
Slash Says: The scene in Howard Stern's movie was a reconstruction of my appearance at the MTV Music Video Awards, so I just have a cameo as myself.

From bodhisattva@fastnet.co.uk: Any chance of doing some gigs in smaller venues when you next come to England?
Slash Says: Chances are, yes, but not with Guns N' Roses, unless by some miracle...

Congratulations to Bruce Taylor of San Francisco, California. He's won an autographed Slash's Snakepit t-shirt and baseball cap from Pepsi World and Ticketmaster Online!

From tmporter@pixelhype.com: how does the ticktmaster interview compare to being on loveline
Slash Says: They are two completely different animals.

Slash Says: I enjoy doing it immensely.

From J. Ray: How long did it take to record your part of "Curdled"
Slash Says: One night for the electric version and two nights for the acoustic version.

From Spawn@Stradlen': How tall are you?
Slash Says: 5' 10" and a half.

From bodhisattva@fastnet.co.uk: where do you get your inspiration from?
Slash Says: Different kinds of music, and also, as an example, for the "Curdled" soundtrack, visuals. Like the lead actress in Curdled, Angela Jones. The movie has a latin theme, so that helped. And the twisted, bizarre, bloody mess that the movie is based on.

From Spawn@Stradlen': are you still friends with Izzy?
Slash Says: As far as I know...actually, I wanted to get together with him to write some songs.

From elena@terraport.net: Are there any albums coming out soon with you guest-appearing?
Slash Says: Alice Cooper live in Mexico, definitely NOT Pat Boone... As we speak, that's pretty much it.

From elena@terraport.net: Are you still signed to Black Death Vodka?
Slash Says: Black Death paid me a bunch of money to endorse them and then disappeared.

Slash says: I had a really good time answering the interesting questions...Rock n' f***ing roll, and take care.

Thanks to Slash for being here and thanks to all of you for participating. Watch this space for the big announcement of our next scheduled chat at Pepsi Live @ Ticketmaster Online!


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