Adler's Appetite

Current line-up: Steven Adler [drums] / Alex Grossi [guitar] / Michael Thomas [guitar] / Chip Z'Nuff [bass] / Rick Stitch [vocals]

Previous line-up: Steven Adler [drums] / Keri Kelli [guitar] / Robbie Crane [bass] / Sheldon Tarsha [vocals]
Michael Thomas replaced Keri Kelli on the European summer tour 2004

Adler's Appetite EP

Originally known as Suki Jones.

The band plays most of GN'R's "Appetite For Destruction" during their shows.

The band played shows in Spain, Italy, Germany and The Netherlands during January 2004.

In 2004, Steven worked with Izzy Stradlin on some new songs.

In the summer of 2004 Adler's Appetite returned to Europe and Steven took part on the Bad Boys Of Metal tour.

Jizzy Pearl left the band in March 2005 and was later replaced by Sheldon Tarsha.

In late 2005, the band's line-up changes to Chip Z'Nuff (Bass), Sheldon Tarsha (Vocals), Michael Thomas (Guitar), JT Longoria (Guitar) and Steven Adler (Drums).

During the European tour in February 2006, Steven fired his band and continued touring with various GN'R tribute bands as his band. The tour was cut short when Steven injured his hand in Spain.


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