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September 26th, 2002
Miss Truth about the press release
Although we shouldn't really be complaining, considering how rare it is to actually receive anything official from the Guns N' Roses camp, it must be pointed out, however, that the latest offering from Axl Rose, a press release announcing the band's North American tour, is one of the most egomaniacal pieces of spin-doctoring in recent history.

Instead of quoting praises of the band's recent live gigs by respected rock critics (of which there are none), the band has turned to over-the-top, ass-kissing quotes from fans. An example:

"The highlight for me, though, was Mr. Axl Rose. He looked young and healthy, and his voice was stunning. He will go down in history as the greatest frontman ever. He was totally awesome and should be commended."

Well, thank you very much Mr. No. 1 GNR Fan in the World. Your ahem ... unbiased opinion is respectfully noted. Give us a break! (Kevin Raub)

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