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July 11th, 2002
Duff talks about the project with Matt & Slash, Marilyn Manson talks about One In A Million
This was posted on loadedonline.com. It's Duff's response to the rumor about him working with Matt and Slash:

Matt, Slash and himself they do rehersal together almost everyday and they are trying to get a singer (none of the Buckcherry guys). Duff said that they have absolutely no plans but they are having fun together and it feels right, IF they do get a singer and IF something happens they will go for it BUT it is not in their plans! They are not expecting anything.

Also, no Izzy won't be part of it!


This is from an interview with Marilyn Manson:

In 1998, I believe you mentioned that you had plans to cover Guns N' Roses "One In A Million". Has the project since then been dropped? The song caused alot of controversy for Axl Rose, who actually put an apology on the front of Lies for those who didn't know where he came from when writing those lyrics. Would you enjoy the controversy that would surely follow you because of that song? Would you be able to defend it if that was possible?

I wanted to do it simply because he apologized. I don't think you should ever make something you will have to say "sorry" for. I lost interest and never pursued it, but we play it at soundcheck sometimes.

Source(s): http://www.loadedonline.com , http://www.mansonusa.com/?page=news&view=interview  
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