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March 19th, 2005
Izzy book update + VR mention on NASCAR site + Another GN'R article
According to Black Market Publishing, 'Dust N' Bones: The Untold Story Of Izzy Stradlin' has finally cleared the legal entanglements concerning the cover photo clearance, and is formally at press.

The books are supposed to be mailed out to everyone who ordered them in approx. 10 days.

Steve Harwell, the frontman for Smash Mouth was interviewed on NASCAR.com and the interview features some Axl and Velvet Revolver mention:


Let's switch to music right quick. What's hot out there right now? What band impresses you?

You know what, right now, man, honest-to-God truth, I have two CDs in my car. I've got Velvet Revolver...

Off the chain, isn't it?

Off the chain is right! Probably one of the best-recorded albums out there.


As new records go, the Velvet Revolver record is the way to go. That thing is off the hook!

They're better without Axl.


I know you're not going to comment on that one!

No, I am, because I can't stand that dude, and they are 10 times better without him.


Full interview.

UK newspaper The Times has their own version of the article that appered in the New York Times recently. It's called "The most expensive album never released" and you can see it on the newspaper's web site.

Source(s): Black Market Publishing, http://www.nascar.com , http://www.timesonline.co.uk  
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