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March 5th, 2005
Slash Confirms Plans For Live CD And DVD
Billboard.com is reporting that VELVET REVOLVER have been working up bits of new songs in soundchecks, and are hopeful of hitting the studio in late summer after a run of European dates. But guitarist Slash says he's hesitant to play any of the new material live for fear bootlegs will appear on the Internet within hours.

"There are songs we haven't even written, apparently, that are out there," he says. "I don't have any clue what they are. That's a bummer. Maybe at some point when the record is done, and we tour before the release of it, we'll play some new stuff."

To tide fans over before a new studio release, VELVET REVOLVER are planning on unveiling a live album and DVD at some point.

"We record everything," Slash says. "We've done a bunch of shows where we've full-on multi-tracked and we're actually mixing the stuff. As to when we'll do it, I'm not really sure. There's all kinds of stuff we could do. That's what great about this band. It was so confining in [GUNS N' ROSES], especially the last half of the band's career. There were so many things we could have done, but they would just never get done. In this band, we're like kids in a candy store."

Along those lines, Slash admits the wild excess of days gone by and the flameout of GNR has allows him appreciate VELVET REVOLVER's out-of-the-box success even more.

"For all that GUNS N' ROSES craziness, you'd be surprised how aware I was of what was going on," he says with a laugh. "At the same time, it was completely out there. We were totally new at it. It was a hell of a lot of fun, and there is certain stuff I can't remember."

"This band is still a rock'n'roll band," he continues. "It's not some new thing to any of us. But we're so much more present now than we were before. We have this wealth of experience, which creates a really unique situation. Now, we can indulge ourselves and say, 'wow, what a great f***in' night we just had.' You can really appreciate it."

Source(s): http://www.roadrunnerrecords.com/blabbermouth.net/  
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