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March 5th, 2005
Slash Still Doesn't Have His Hat Back
Slash's top hat which went missing, presumed stolen at the Grammys has been found, but is now being held hostage. A man claiming to have the hat won't hand it over until he gets a better reward, even though BC Ethic, the company that does Slash's T-shirt line, is now offering $5,000 for the hat's return, according to MTV News.

The hat was part of a marketing campaign where it was to be replicated and personally signed, for display with the release of the Slash line, a 15-piece collection of tees, knit tops and hats. "I've worn that hat for 12 years," Slash said in a statement. "It's my lucky hat and I want it back."

"The hat is a vital part of our marketing strategy for the licensing deal we have just inked with Slash," said Mark Zacher, CEO of BC Ethic, best known for its vintage T-shirt and co-branding with some of history's most famous rock bands.

"We are offering a reward to whoever stole the hat," said Zacher. "We want it back. And we want it back now."

A reward line has been set up at BC Ethic. If you have information, call (310) 887-7077.

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