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March 4th, 2005
VR in Billboard + Slash talks about the top hat + Slash, Duff Vs Axl Rose Case Delayed Until November + Gilby producing album
A little VR mention in Billboard:

GRAMMY DOUBLE-WHAMMY: Not to be outdone by The Billboard 200, the Hot Digital Songs chart is also awash in Grammy Award-related activity in the week following the Feb. 13 broadcast.

Most notable is the No. 4 debut of "Across the Universe," performed live on the telecast by an all-star ensemble including Bono, Stevie Wonder, Norah Jones, Brian Wilson, Alicia Keys, Billie Joe Armstrong, Steven Tyler, Alison Krauss and Velvet Revolver.

The track, exclusively sold on Apple Computer's iTunes Music Store, moves 34,000 paid downloads, with all proceeds going to UNICEF's tsunami relief efforts. On the sheer strength of that sales volume, "Universe" debuts at No. 22 on The Billboard Hot 100 and No. 20 on the Pop 100.

VELVET REVOLVER guitarist Slash (ex-GUNS N' ROSES) spoke by phone to Jim Bone of WBSX-97.9X in Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, PA on Thursday (March 3) about finally locating his stolen top hat and performing at the Grammy Awards, among other topics. Asked about the status of his missing hat, Slash said, "This guy has popped up, he's surfaced with it. He's got a picture of it — it's the right hat. I don't know how he got it — I think he's full of shit, but whatever… He popped up [and] he was going on a radio station in Los Angeles. It's like we weren't gonna hear that. Anyway, so he's supposed to do it [give the hat back] tomorrow morning, so we'll see what happens.

"It's one of those things. It's just an article of clothing. It's personal — I've had it for a long time. Right after the Grammys, we got on a plane and went to Australia. I just got back last Monday. That being the case, when the subject popped up again, I was gonna get the money from the limo company and just have another one made or something like that, but this guy popped out with the actual article, the genuine article. And like, I just want the hat back. He's got the total story of [how he bought] the hat from a transient and all this kind of stuff. And like, that [story] doesn't check out with me. But whatever… Just give it back, and you want 50 bucks for it, fine. But the fact that it's made global news… It's just a hat. There's nobody in it (laughs). So what's pretty funny is I can't think of too many material things that one could lose that would make the news at this level."

Download an MP3 of Slash's interview with WBSX-97.9X at this location.

According to Sp1at.com, a lawsuit filed by former GUNS N' ROSES members Slash (guitar) and Duff McKagan (bass) against the band's lead singer, Axl Rose, claiming he ripped them off to the tune of at least a million dollars, has been delayed by an "ex parte" application until November 8, 2005.

The case, which was originally due to finalize this May, is expected to last five-seven days and could possibly feature court appearances from all the parties in person.

The delay allows VELVET REVOLVER to pursue their tour plans of North America and Europe and also allows GUNS N'ROSES to continue planning for the release of the their long-awaited new album, "Chinese Democracy".

In the suit (download court documents in PDF format), Duff and Slash claim Rose doesn't have any controlling interest in the songs, but they say he killed deals that would have put their tunes in a half dozen movies, including "Just Married", "We Were Soldiers", "Death to Smoochie" and "Old School". In addition, Rose allegedly squashed a deal to allow the producers of the movie "Black Hawk Down" to use the band's huge hit, "Welcome to the Jungle" in the film. Instead, he wanted to re-record it, thereby allegedly cheating his ex-band mates out of the licensing fee.

David Powell, who runs "The Music Bridge", a company that deals with music rights for movies, told Celebrity Justice last year: "Licensing is very important for any band or any artist that gets out there in popular culture.

"There are many income streams that can be generated from the songs, as well as the master recordings, for years and sometimes generations to come."

Gilby Clarke has produced TriggerDaddy's new CD, "Stereosonic Meltdown. He also plays on the cd along with ex-Slash's Snakepit members Johnny Griparic and Ryan Roxie.

More information about the album at triggerdaddy.com

Source(s): Billboard, March 5th, 2005, http://www.roadrunnerrecords.com/blabbermouth.net/ , http://www.triggerdaddy.com  
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