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May 27th, 1999
Exclusive: Guns N' Roses' Axl Rose Returns! Details of New Band, New Album Revealed; NBA's Shaquille O'Neal Guest-Raps With the Band in the Studio
A SPIN Exclusive
NEW YORK, May 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Axl Rose, tempestuous and reclusive frontman of L.A. rockers Guns N' Roses, will appear on the cover of the July issue of SPIN (on newsstands 6/8), with the cover story sorting through the fact, conjecture, and downright weird rumors surrounding the band's pending album, the most anticipated comeback record of the decade.

Eight years ago, Rose had two albums in the top ten and the world at his feet. But rather than burning out or fading away, he just got up and left. The famously short-tempered star has only surfaced once in the last three years, arrested for disorderly conduct at a Phoenix airport in early 1998.

The July issue of SPIN tells the unauthorized saga of rock's greatest recluse with an oral history featuring input from Slash, Metallica, Motley Crue, Alice Cooper, and former members of the GNR camp. The story reveals exclusive secrets behind the band's hotly-anticipated comeback album including:

-- NBA star Shaquille O'Neal guest rapped with the band in the studio. After a chance meeting with the band in a recording studio, the hoops great took a break from his own session and rapped over a GNR track with the band. "I saw Guns N' Roses listed on the bulletin board in the lobby of the studio so I stuck my head in to check it out," says Shaq. "They asked me to join them, so I started freestylin' over their track. It was the first time I ever performed with a rock group, and it felt good."

-- The new lineup of Guns N' Roses has been confirmed as: Axl Rose, keyboardist Dizzy Reed (Use Your Illusion-era GNR), bassist Tommy Stinson (Replacements), guitarist Paul Huge (a childhood friend of Axl's), session guitarist Robin Finck (discovered while playing with Cirque Du Soleil), and veteran California punk drummer Josh Freese (Vandals).

-- Axl has burned through a series of producers on the project. In the past five years, Rose has gone through at least three producers: Mike Clink (who may still be involved in some capacity); dance music pioneer Moby, who declined Axl's offer to produce the album, and former Killing Joke member and Verve producer Youth. GNR is currently working with Sean Beaven, who has produced Nine Inch Nails and Pantera, among others.

-- Rose apparently now shares with Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor a fondness for applying the latest technology to howls of pain."Basically, Axl said, 'I want to change the sound of the band. I want to use more industrial-type things,'" says ex-Gunner Gilby Clarke. But, warns ex-Nine Inch Nails member Chris Vrenna, who was briefly added to the GNR lineup from 1996-97, "I have a feeling it's gonna be more like Appetite [For Destruction] than people are expecting."

Complete transcripts of the Guns N' Roses oral history with Motley Crue's Nikki Sixx, Metallica's Lars Ulrich, Poison's Bret Michaels, and ex-Gunners Slash and Duff, among others, will be available at http://www.spin.com.

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