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February 4th, 2005
GN'R in FHM and Kerrang! magazines + Matt scores music for a movie
There's a GN'R mention in the Motley Crue interview in the current edition (March) of FHM magazine:


A band is only as good as its last record, so you're really competing with yourself. People keep this rivalry with Guns N Roses going, but it's crazy. You don't hold a grudge for 15 years. It's stupid. Why look back?

When Guns was opening for us, Slash thought he could keep up with us drinking Jack. So we started ripping em back. Slash throws up. We got him back to one of our rooms, laid him down on the bed, put our nut sacs right on his chin and took a fucking Polaroid of it. I think we laminated it and made that his tour pass.

The thing with Axl is as much as I love him, he's kind of a fucking emo fag. He's not really a dude. He's like the Wizard of Oz behind a curtain making a lot of noise. He never stepped up to the plate when Vince challenged him. Axl wasn't into getting wild. I think that's his inner-emo. He's so fucking artsy. I'm pulling it out in the press. Axl if you're there: Lose your inner-emo. Come back to us. Dude, let's rock.


In the current issue of Kerrang! magazine, they review some of the new GN'R tracks that are supposed to appear on "Chinese Democracy". They just downloaded GN'R tracks from Kazaa and then wrote an article based on that. Among the songs Kerrang! thinks will appear on "Chinese Democracy" are "Crash Diet" (which has been around for years and didn't even make it onto the "Use Your Illusion" albums), "Dust In The Wind" (a cover performed live during the "Use Your Illusion" World Tour) and "Just Another Sunday" (another old track).

You can read the article at slashsworld.com

Matt Sorum scored the music for a movie called "2001 Maniacs" together with Lanny Cordola. Read about it at Blabbermouth.

Source(s): FHM March issue, Kerrang! magazine, http://www.roadrunnerrecords.com/blabbermouth.net/  
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