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January 31st, 2005
Tommy interviewed on Q104.3
Tommy was interviewed on Q104.3, New York's only classic rock station last night. Here's the Chinese Democracy mentions transcribed:

Out of the Box: Where are the... Are the tracks pretty much done and they're just trying to find a date to release or there're a few more things to do?
Tommy Stinson: The artwork, all those little things like that, getting all the, you know... The particulars, the little bits done...

Out of the Box: Right
Tommy Stinson: ... so they can actually get a release date and put it out.

Out of the Box: So the music is done?
Tommy Stinson: The music's done!

Out of the Box: Oh, okay.
Tommy Stinson: It's been done... For a while.


Regarding the 2002 tour Tommy says: "There was a problem with the promoting aspect of that tour... They pulled the plug on it and I can't really go into it ".

He adds that "it wasn't our fault" and also "His [Axl's] slate and our slate is clean".


You can download a small clip of the GN'R mentions at thenewguns.com

Source(s): Q1043, http://www.thenewguns.com  
Thanks to: reynics, jazjme, Eva, chineseblues 
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