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January 26th, 2005
'Chinese Democracy' To Be Released In April? + GN'R/VR rumor
GUNS N' ROSES bassist Tommy Stinson told the Pioneer Press earlier this week that the long-awaited new GN'R album "Chinese Democracy" is being finished as we speak."

When pressed to elaborate on what could possibly be left to finish on a record that has been at least a decade in the works, Stinson said "some vocal parts and mixes," adding that once the band decides what songs make the final cut, GN'R will, oh yes, tour.

"You know, it'll come out probably sooner than later, I can just about assure you," he said. "I've been told as much, anyway. Without giving a date, it'll be sooner than hell freezing over."

After the current tour to support his solo debut, "Village Gorilla Head", Stinson goes back to GN'R assuming that album actually comes out and hopes to produce some new bands and maybe stretch out into film scoring.

"My goal this year is to do everything better," he said. "And to do a lot more of it," he said.

Another Tommy mention:

For those who attended the quasi-riot at the Wachovia Center in December 2002 due to the Guns 'N' Roses no-show, GNR bassist Tommy Stinson claims the band is coming back and will actually perform this time.

"We owe Philly," Stinson said. He wouldn't elaborate about the aforementioned debacle. "That's all still in litigation." But he promised that GNR would be on the road this year after the release of Chinese Democracy in April.

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According to a news article at efestivals.co.uk, both GN'R and VR are rumored to play this year's Download Festival at Donington Park.

Full article here.

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