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July - September 2004:

September 30th, 2004: GUNS N' ROSES: New Guitarist Found? + Benefit show featuring Ex-GN'R members + VR news
September 28th, 2004: Brain on Letterman tonight + GN'R and VR mentions + VR Management Shake-Up Leads To Split In Group's Ranks
September 26th, 2004: Welcome To The Jungle featured in GTA: San Andreas trailer
September 25th, 2004: Velvet Revolver unholsters first round of fall tour dates
September 23rd, 2004: GN'R mentions, VR on the charts (#1 on Billboard's Mainstream Rock Tracks)
September 22nd, 2004: E! Online's review of C2B3 album + VR: 'Fall To Pieces' Single Enters German Top 100
September 21st, 2004: Report: VELVET REVOLVER Fire Management Team
September 20th, 2004: Duff in GQ + VR articles about the recent shows in NYC
September 19th, 2004: Duff in the NY Post + Gilby's shows in Argentina postponed
September 18th, 2004: VELVET REVOLVER Perform Surprise Acoustic Set At NYC Nightclub + GN'R related albums on Swedish hard rock chart
September 17th, 2004: VELVET REVOLVER Dismiss Video Ban Report
September 16th, 2004: Dizzy interview + Buckethead Launches Download Site
September 15th, 2004: Tommy Stinson Remains Hopefully Vague On Future Of New GN'R Album
September 14th, 2004: Several CD tracks are "earth-shattering" according to Tommy + VR: 'Fall To Pieces' Video To Be Banned In U.K.?
September 13th, 2004: VR: String Quartet Tribute CD Due Next Month + Former GN'R Drummer To Begin Pre-Production On ADLER'S APPETITE CD
September 11th, 2004: Tommy says CD tracks are "mind-blowing and fucking huge" + Tommy, Slash & VR articles
September 10th, 2004: Tommy articles + Izzy Jams With VR In Barcelona + more
September 9th, 2004: VR: New Air Date Announced For VH1 Special + Swiss pics + GN'R & VR mention + VR articles
September 9th, 2004: SLASH To Perform With JAMES BROWN, LENNY KRAVITZ At 'Rock Through Time' Event
September 8th, 2004: Izzy plays with VR in Paris + SLASH Visits BBC's Radio 1: Audio, Photos Posted Online + VR to perform at TV Guide After party
September 7th, 2004: VR news from the past few days
September 7th, 2004: GN'R news from the past few days
September 1st, 2004: GUNS N' ROSES Bassist: ALIEN CRIME SYNDICATE Show To Be Filmed For Possible DVD + Axl pics
August 31st, 2004: Tommy article + WEILAND Responds To Shouts For GN'R By Throwing Megaphone Into Crowd
August 31st, 2004: McFarlane Toys Announces Slash Action Figure
August 30th, 2004: Tommy Stinson radio appearances today & tomorrow + November Rain mentioned in the NY Daily News
August 29th, 2004: New VR article + VR two US shows
August 26th, 2004: VR wins at K! Awards + VELVET REVOLVER Drummer Loses His 'Best Friend And Soulmate'
August 25th, 2004: Vote for GN'R on MTV + Tommy article/download + VR & Kerrang! Awards
August 24th, 2004: Rapidfire update
August 23rd, 2004: VR Record Cheap Trick, Aerosmith, Queen Covers For Upcoming B-Sides + 'Fall To Pieces' Video Posted Online + Lowlands audio
August 23rd, 2004: Tommy on Seattle radio today and SF on Friday + "Welcome To The Videos" DVD mentioned in news article
August 22nd, 2004: Another Spin - Interview with Dizzy Reed
August 22nd, 2004: Colonel Claypool's Bucket Of Bernie Brains tour + VR on Sirius tonight
August 21st, 2004: VR live on Dutch radio, tv and the Internet? today + Fall To Pieces premiere + updated
August 20th, 2004: VGH review in Blender + GN'R: BTM in Australia
August 19th, 2004: Tommy on last night's Late Late Show + New VR video
August 18th, 2004: Reminder: Tommy on tv tonight + BACKYARD BABIES To Support VELVET REVOLVER In Europe
August 17th, 2004: VELVET REVOLVER Bassist Says 'Fall To Pieces' Video Shoot Had 'Family Vibe' + VR reviews
August 16th, 2004: New issue of Nightrain fanzine + The Axl tapes?
August 15th, 2004: Tommy Stinson European tour
August 14th, 2004: Tommy Stinson in the UK + VH1's A2Z: Guns N' Roses
August 13th, 2004: Lars Ulrich talks about Axl in Rolling Stone
August 11th, 2004: VR Concert To Air On Sirius Satellite Radio
August 10th, 2004: GN'R: Behind The Music on VH2 in the UK
August 9th, 2004: VELVET REVOLVER Launch European Tour: Opening-Night Set List Revealed
August 9th, 2004: Village Gorilla Head review in Guitar World
August 8th, 2004: Pop Quiz: Tommy Stinson + Stinson makes most of Guns N' Roses breaks
August 6th, 2004: Tommy to be on the Craig Kilborn Show + Ian Astbury mentions VR
August 5th, 2004: Another album from Tommy + VR To Perform On German TV + Update from Slash
August 4th, 2004: Village Gorilla Head reviews + Judge Lets Weiland Go To Europe, Praises His Rehab Efforts
August 4th, 2004: Tommy talks about Axl in Kerrang! mag + Slash appears on children's album
August 3rd, 2004: A2Z - Guns N' Roses on VH1
August 2nd, 2004: New Dizzy article + SCOTT WEILAND Slams MTV Over 'False' Report
July 31st, 2004: Judge Issues Arrest Warrant After Weiland Misses Hearing + Village Gorilla Head review + VR Spanish tickets
July 30th, 2004: Brain guest appearance + GN'R mentions + Contraband certified platinum
July 29th, 2004: Small GN'R mention on + Slash in The Observer + VELVET REVOLVER: Photos From 'Fall To Pieces' Video Shoot Posted Online
July 28th, 2004: Tommy Stinson official tour dates
July 26th, 2004: VR to play in New Orleans
July 23rd, 2004: Tommy on the radio tonight (Thursday 9pm PST) + VGH review + Axl pic in Aftonbladet (sort of)
July 22nd, 2004: Dizzy tour dates
July 21st, 2004: Billboard's Greatest Gainer in sales
July 20th, 2004: Tommy's North American tour in August & September + Axl in Spin magazine's Top 50 frontmen list + VR downloads + VR To Film 'Fall To Pieces' Video This Weekend
July 17th, 2004: GN'R on GTA: San Andreas soundtrack + Steven's book & AA album news + Dave Kushner interview & VR on Tonight Show + BH shows
July 15th, 2004: Tommy update + Original GUNS N' ROSES Photos Available + GN'R & VR in magazines + Steven tourdates [updated]?
July 14th, 2004: Axl & Buckethead pics + GN'R on UK tv + Hollywood Rose review in Classic Rock + VR asks fans regarding single choice
July 13th, 2004: GN'R & VR shows on MTV2 in the UK + VR on The Tonight Show + "Slither" UK release + more
July 10th, 2004: European release date for Tommy's album? + VR UK tour dates + articles + HR clips available at Amazon
July 9th, 2004: New Dizzy interview + Scott Weiland Sentenced To Three Years' Probation For DUI + VR articles
July 8th, 2004: GUNS N' ROSES Singer Loses Motion To Stop Release Of Early Recordings + Contraband goes gold in USA + Steven and VR articles
July 6th, 2004: Velvet Revolver Finnish venue change + Former GUNS N' ROSES Drummer Renews Wedding Vows: Photos Available
July 5th, 2004: No planned CD release date after all? + BTM on VH1 UK
July 4th, 2004: Chinese Democracy release date?
July 3rd, 2004: BTM: GN'R #1 on + No contest plea from Velvet Revolver frontman + GN'R & VR on Canadian album chart
July 2nd, 2004: Weiland's DUI Trial To Start Today + VR on the Tonight Show + Pics of Steven playing in Austria
July 1st, 2004: BTM: GN'R news + VR on Top Of The Pops + GN'R & VR articles + more