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October - December 2003:

December 31st, 2003: GN'R in 2003
December 30th, 2003: Harder And Heavier compilation feat. GN'R cover + Weiland switches rehab facilities
December 29th, 2003: VELVET REVOLVER: New Album Title Revealed
December 28th, 2003: VELVET REVOLVER Singer Completes Work On Last Song For Upcoming Debut
December 27th, 2003: GN'R on MTV2's 22 Greatest CDs + GN'R on tv
December 26th, 2003: Velvet Revolver vocalist Weiland posts on
December 23rd, 2003: Velvet Revolver album done according to Slash
December 23rd, 2003: Buckethead to play in Europe + Heart (with Gilby) in Europe
December 20th, 2003: Axl 91 flashback & Ex-Gunner mentions in Classic Rock magazine
December 18th, 2003: VELVET REVOLVER To Release 'Comrades' In April
December 17th, 2003: GUNS N' ROSES Guitarist Offers Free Download
December 16th, 2003: GN'R mentions in Maxim and Q magazine + DVD update + Adler's Appetite in Germany
December 15th, 2003: Sources: SCOTT WEILAND Caught Attempting To Smuggle Drugs Into Rehab
December 15th, 2003: GUNS N' ROSES Tribute To Feature DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, HASTE, GOD FORBID
December 12th, 2003: European release dates for the DVDs? + More Adler's Appetite Euro dates
December 12th, 2003: Velvet Revolver Fired Up
December 10th, 2003: LI'L GN'R: GUNS N' ROSES Tribute Of The Smallest Kind
December 8th, 2003: VELVET REVOLVER Guitarist Ties The Knot
December 6th, 2003: GN'R on USA Today's Top 40 albums list, Gilby in Mexico review
December 5th, 2003: Adler's Appetite tour dates & news
December 5th, 2003: Velvet Revolver in Metal Hammer + Weiland court update
December 4th, 2003: Velvet Revolver in Rolling Stone + GN'R mention in RIAA article + Vote for Appetite For Destruction
December 3rd, 2003: Guns N' Roses renew fan appeal
December 2nd, 2003: Tommy Stinson tour dates
November 29th, 2003: Tommy talks about The Clash + New Camp Freddy download
November 29th, 2003: VELVET REVOLVER: Vocal Tracks To Be Completed This Week
November 27th, 2003: GN'R in Germany? + European Use Your Illusion DVDs delayed (again)
November 26th, 2003: GN'R on VH1 + More Buckethead in the studio with Viggo pics
November 25th, 2003: Dizzy in Chicago
November 22nd, 2003: Donate money to charity and hear GN'R on the radio, Lance Bass a GN'R fan?, GN'R mentioned in Backyard Babies article, Another Camp Freddy download
November 20th, 2003: AFD on RS 500 Greatest Albums list, Matt & Slash To Pay Tribute To Late Drummer, Buckethead in the studio with Viggo pics, Slash mentions in Blender & Hit Parader
November 19th, 2003: GN'R Night in Thessaloniki, Greece
November 18th, 2003: International search for missing girl
November 18th, 2003: Tommy covers The Clash + Camp Freddy with Duff, Izzy & Slash video available for download
November 17th, 2003: Former GUNS N' ROSES, BUCKCHERRY Members Jam With CAMP FREDDY At Hollywood Gig
November 16th, 2003: Duff, Izzy and Slash with Camp Freddy
November 15th, 2003: Dizzy in Chicago + Josh Freese mentions GN'R
November 12th, 2003: VR update by Duff + European GN'R DVDs delayed + Adler's Appetite Italian & Spanish tour dates
November 11th, 2003: Former GUNS N' ROSES Guitarist Expecting Second Child
November 10th, 2003: GN'R planning European tour
November 9th, 2003: 'Lord Of The Rings' Star Enlists GUNS N' ROSES Guitarist To Play On His Album
November 8th, 2003: Welcome To The Videos enters Billboard video chart, Rock In Rio-Lisbon mention on
November 7th, 2003: A little GN'R mention in Spin, Buckethead album news, GN'R tribute album coming, VR mention in RS
November 7th, 2003: Rock in Rio-Lisbon Festival press release
November 6th, 2003: GN'R to rock Lisbon in 2004!
November 6th, 2003: Guns N' Roses has been confirmed to headline the Rock in Rio-Lisbon Festival
November 4th, 2003: Appetite For Destruction at #3 on Swedish hardrock chart + DVD update
November 4th, 2003: Former GUNS N' ROSES, BUCKCHERRY Members To Jam With CAMP FREDDY At Hollywood Gig
November 3rd, 2003: Axl mention in the Canyon Newspaper
November 2nd, 2003: Axl mention in NY Times Fashion article, Dizzy appearances, VR news from MTV, Matt on 103.3 WEDG
November 2nd, 2003: MATT SORUM Speaks Out On SCOTT WEILAND's Latest Arrest, Vernon Reid talks about GN'R
October 31st, 2003: Velvet Revolver at Susan Holmes' Fashion show + more
October 30th, 2003: DUFF MCKAGAN Attend ROCK DA HOUSE Benefit + Slash comment on Weiland's arrest
October 30th, 2003: Rocker Weiland Ordered to Live-In Drug Programs, VH1 Kitties "Welcome To The Jungle", Slash on tv
October 29th, 2003: SCOTT WEILAND Busted For Driving Under The Influence
October 29th, 2003: Offspring Extend Splintered Olive Branch To Guns N' Roses, VR update, Hollywood Rocks!
October 27th, 2003: GN'R in Kerrang, GN'R DVDs out now, "Axl" & "Slash" on VH1, Slash to appear on Comedy Central's Kid Notorius + little VR update from Weiland
October 25th, 2003: Hendrix vs Slash in Guitar One
October 24th, 2003: DUFF MCKAGAN, SCOTT WEILAND To Perform Acoustic Song At L.A. Fashion Show + "Greatest Hits" update + New Gilby shows in CA & Mexico
October 24th, 2003: Axl and Buckethead mentions in FHM
October 23rd, 2003: Matt Sorum new record available October 31
October 22nd, 2003: "Greatest Hits" cancelled? + Gilby in Vegas
October 21st, 2003: GN'R "Greatest Hits" / "Best Of" to be released
October 21st, 2003: VELVET REVOLVER's WEILAND, MCKAGAN To Appear At California's DRAGONFEST + SCOTT WEILAND Warned Off Drugs + Brain & Buckethead to play at Drum Day 2003
October 20th, 2003: GN'R mention in Blender + European DVD release date
October 19th, 2003: Amazon listing a new GN'R cd
October 17th, 2003: CAMP FREDDY To Play One-Off Show In Hollywood + Bucketheadland 2 out now + Weiland news
October 16th, 2003: Billboard Bits: Guns N' Roses
October 16th, 2003: Hungarian GUNS N' ROSES Concert Hoax Perpetrators Arrested, Charged With Fraud
October 15th, 2003: Slash "Sing A Song of Six Strings" + Buckethead's album delayed + Dave Kushner update
October 15th, 2003: Geffen GN'R DVD press release
October 13th, 2003: Slash not appearing at MTV Latin American Video Awards after all?
October 11th, 2003: Slash part of Kid Notorious show? + Dave Kushner ad + GN'R on tv
October 11th, 2003: STEVEN ADLER Comments On Reunion Jam With SLASH, IZZY
October 11th, 2003: Police cited in rock riot
October 9th, 2003: Velvet Revolver in-studio update
October 8th, 2003: Former GUNS N' ROSES Guitarist To Present Award At 'MTV Video Music Awards Latin America' + Steven Adler to perform in Mexico City
October 7th, 2003: CAMP FREDDY Sign With SANCTUARY RECORDS
October 6th, 2003: GN'R DVD news from
October 5th, 2003: Duff article in the Stranger + Tommy article in Harp magazine
October 4th, 2003: Police Conduct In GUNS N' ROSES Riot Probed
October 2nd, 2003: GN'R DVDs to be released soon? + GN'R items auctioned at Christie's
October 1st, 2003: New video of Izzy, Slash & Steven available for downloading + GN'R mention in Vancouver PD article + Weiland's record label