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October - December 2002:

December 27th, 2002: Bucket Of... show postponed + Slash in Kerrang! + GN'R mentions on TV (Channel 4 + MTV's Blender Awards)
December 23rd, 2002: Former SKID ROW Frontman Records Music With Ex-GUNS N' ROSES Members, Awaits Final Word
December 21st, 2002: Random news (MTV Poll + Time mag + Buckethead @ MSG)
December 20th, 2002: Guns N' Roses Intact, Putting Finishing Touches On 'Chinese Democracy'
December 17th, 2002: Bums N' Roses - Rape threatened during riot
December 16th, 2002: New Buckethead DVD & album + old Axl news
December 14th, 2002: Clear Channel cancels Guns N' Roses tour
December 13th, 2002: Promoter Pulls Plug on Guns N' Roses Tour
December 13th, 2002: The Return of Colonel Claypool's Bucket of Bernie Brains + 3 GN'R singles on K! top 100 + Camp Freedy free show + Banned in Philly
December 13th, 2002: Discharged Guns
December 13th, 2002: Wheels fall off Axl Rose's tour
December 12th, 2002: It's Extra Official: Promoter Says GN'R Tour Totally Off
December 12th, 2002: GNR Tour Officially Off
December 11th, 2002: Guns N' Roses Tour Update
December 11th, 2002: UPDATE: DAYS OF THE NEW Frontman Unlikely To Land Gig With Ex-GUNS N' ROSES Members
December 11th, 2002: Guns N' Roses axes more shows
December 10th, 2002: Update: Guns N' Roses Cancels More Shows
December 10th, 2002: Guns N Roses tour still headed for Greenville, Bi-Lo director says
December 9th, 2002: DAYS OF THE NEW Frontman Collaborates With Former GUNS N' ROSES Members
December 9th, 2002: Guns N' Roses Dates Canceled
December 9th, 2002: Remainder Of GNR Tour In Doubt
December 8th, 2002: No-show pinned on Rose
December 8th, 2002: Tour cancelled according to CKY
December 7th, 2002: GUNS N' ROSES Cancel Philadelphia, Angry Fans Riot
December 7th, 2002: GUNS N' ROSES Deny Plot To Keep SLASH Away From Previous Shows
December 7th, 2002: Latest Guns N' Roses No-Show Sparks Melee
December 7th, 2002: Canceled rock show triggers melee
December 7th, 2002: Second Philadelphia show cancelled + Refunds info
December 7th, 2002: GUNS N' ROSES: More Cancellations On The Way!!
December 6th, 2002: Misc news (Axl wins People magazine poll + interview rules)
December 4th, 2002: Guns N' Roses Members Describe 'Chinese Democracy'
November 26th, 2002: Buckethead's Brains On Hold During GN'R Tour, Claypool Says
November 25th, 2002: Random news (Sum41 turned down GN'R? + Slash news + Pukkelpop article)
November 25th, 2002: Gilby To Produce EP From THE GADJITS
November 24th, 2002: GUNS N' ROSES: 'Chinese Democracy' In Stores By June
November 23rd, 2002: Former SKID ROW Frontman, Ex-GUNS N' ROSES Members Make Music Together
November 23rd, 2002: Slash news from Totalrock
November 21st, 2002: Beneath The Bucket, Behind The Mask: Kurt Loder Meets GN'R's Buckethead
November 20th, 2002: Guns N' Roses Keyboardist Says Fans Don't Miss Old Bandmembers
November 19th, 2002: Slash mention in AMD / Comdex story
November 18th, 2002: Former Guns N' Roses Members Form Band, Don't Rule Out Courtney Love As Singer
November 17th, 2002: The project news + Pics on Robin's site + Tommy interview
November 13th, 2002: Axl Rose Claims Canceled GN'R Show Could Have Gone On
November 11th, 2002: Guns N Roses Add Second Date (First Union Spectrum press release)
November 10th, 2002: Vancouver Arena Officials Release Statement On GUNS N' ROSES Riot
November 10th, 2002: Police to try and arrest more GNR rioters
November 9th, 2002: Axl Rose Skips Out On Tour Opener; Riots Ensue In Vancouver
November 9th, 2002: Axl Blows Out Throat, Dons Chicken Bucket For Glitchy Guns Tour Launch
November 8th, 2002: Guns N' Roses Handpick Some Jackasses As Tour Openers
November 8th, 2002: Guns N' Roses no-show sparks riot
November 8th, 2002: Fans Riot After Guns N' Roses Tour Kickoff Canceled: Kurt Loder Reports
November 8th, 2002: GN'R Cancel Show, Fans Riot
November 8th, 2002: Guns N' Roses Cancel Vancouver
November 7th, 2002: CKY Land Opening Slot On GUNS N' ROSES Tour!
November 7th, 2002: MIXMASTER MIKE: How I Was Picked To Open For GUNS N' ROSES
November 6th, 2002: GN'R @ #1 on Top 5 Equests
November 6th, 2002: CKY to open for GNR?
November 5th, 2002: Random news (Offspring's Noodles on Axl, another release date rumor + more)
November 2nd, 2002: Robin Finck site + Slash on Ronnie Wood DVD
November 1st, 2002: Ron Wood Jams With Slash At Hollywood Club + more about the Camp Freddy show
November 1st, 2002: "The Project" news
October 31st, 2002: GUNS N' ROSES Booking Agent: Ticket Sales Have 'Definitely Surpassed Expectations'
October 30th, 2002: No Chinese Democracy ads in early December? + GN'R in Blender
October 29th, 2002: JOHN KALODNER: Chemistry Between Former GUNS N' ROSES Members Is Amazing
October 27th, 2002: Slash news
October 24th, 2002: More stores saying Dec 3rd is the release date
October 23rd, 2002: Cult, Chili Peppers, GN'R Members Play As Camp Freddy For Pre-Halloween Show
October 21st, 2002: The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert Due On DVD in North America
October 20th, 2002: Random news (Guns N' Roses Film New Video? + new Buckethead record +
October 18th, 2002: Guns N' Roses Add Dates And Mixmaster Mike As Opener
October 17th, 2002: IZZY STRADLIN Makes New Music With Ex-GUNS N' ROSES Bandmates
October 17th, 2002: One of the opening acts is.... Mix Master Mike!
October 16th, 2002: STEVEN ADLER On GUNS N' ROSES' VMA Performance: 'I Was Expecting To Be Impressed'
October 12th, 2002: The Duff, Slash & Matt project has no singer (yet)
October 11th, 2002: Duff, Slash & Matt news from MTV + Moby mentions Axl and plays GN'R on Belgian tv
October 10th, 2002: Random news (Axl in Shanghai + GN'R in Classic Rock)
October 10th, 2002: Random news (GN'R in Aussie RS + #1 on Pollstar + GN'R in Hit Parader)
October 9th, 2002: GUNS N' ROSES: New Music To Go For Radio Adds
October 9th, 2002: Random news (Moby mentions GN'R on MTV + GN'R on Rolling Stone cover (sort of))
October 9th, 2002: No new single has been sent to the radio stations
October 8th, 2002: More December release date rumors
October 7th, 2002: News about the Duff, Matt & Slash project
October 7th, 2002: Something new from GN'R "coming soon"?
October 6th, 2002: Matt Damon plays Axl on SNL
October 3rd, 2002: Guns N' Roses In Talks To Play Montreal
October 3rd, 2002: Guns N' Roses win top rock release accolade
October 1st, 2002: Misc news (MSG Sold Out + Camp Freddy show)
October 1st, 2002: Guns N' Roses Sell Out Madison Square Garden In 10 Minutes!
October 1st, 2002: GN'R on 10 Worst Album Sleeves In Metal list
October 1st, 2002: Overwhelming Response For Guns Ní Roses On Sales (press release)
October 1st, 2002: Hoobastank to open for GN'R?