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July - September 2002:

September 26th, 2002: North American tour press release
September 26th, 2002: Miss Truth about the press release
September 25th, 2002: Guns N' Roses Announce First U.S. Tour In A Decade
September 24th, 2002: Random news (US tour + Chinese Democracy release date rumors)
September 23rd, 2002: GN'R mention on (about Chinese Democracy)
September 21st, 2002: Guns N' Roses Photographer Releases Limited Edition Prints Of The Original Band
September 18th, 2002: METALLICA's LARS ULRICH: 'I've Always Had A Soft Spot For AXL ROSE'
September 16th, 2002: 'Chinese Democracy' To Be Released In December?
September 14th, 2002: Wanna sing with Duff, Matt & Slash? + VMAs on UK tv + new pics of Axl
September 14th, 2002: Slash Unites Gn'R Vets
September 12th, 2002: Random news (Jimmy Fallon mentions GN'R + Axl mention in 3-wind + Loaded show postponed)
September 10th, 2002: Random news (Conan mention, Slash in San Diego & mank Rage)
September 4th, 2002: More US tourdates? + VMA02 ratings
September 1st, 2002: Possible Chicago date in October?
August 31st, 2002: 40-plus date North American tour to start in October?
August 30th, 2002: Guns N' Roses Cap Night Of Spectacles From Diddy, Eminem, Timberlake
August 30th, 2002: Axl Rose Says GN'R Waiting Game Won't End Soon
August 29th, 2002: Doug Goldstein's letter in NME
August 29th, 2002: Daddy Slash
August 29th, 2002: A Rockers' Candlelight Vigil (Sept 11th with Loaded + Slash & Matt)
August 29th, 2002: Daddy Slash + GN'R to close the VMAs?
August 27th, 2002: Chinese Democracy news from the London show
August 27th, 2002: Guns N' Roses make triumphant return to London
August 27th, 2002: Leeds 50,000 fans cheer as Axl screams for the show to continue
August 26th, 2002: Former Guns N' Roses Trio Make Collaboration 'Main Priority'
August 24th, 2002: Guns N' Roses UK comeback suffers from 'very substantial overrun'
August 24th, 2002: Guns N' Roses late show sparks complaints from residents
August 23rd, 2002: Pukkelpop live broadcast info?
August 22nd, 2002: Weezer to open for GN'R at London gig
August 22nd, 2002: Welcome To The Jungle, Weezer!
August 21st, 2002: Record Breaking Guns N' Roses
August 21st, 2002: GN'R mention in Hoobastank article
August 17th, 2002: Slash news (Slash Fly With Yardbirds & Slash appearing on a Ray Charles album)
August 15th, 2002: Kings of Hong Kong!
August 15th, 2002: Axl Speaks "Chinese"
August 15th, 2002: GN'R press release with Axl interview
August 13th, 2002: Good cheer from the Roses!
August 12th, 2002: Korean Date Postponed
August 12th, 2002: Guns N' Roses Cancel Shows: Is The UK Next?
August 12th, 2002: Guns 'n' Roses Aussie tour update (with album news)
August 6th, 2002: Hendrix Named Greatest Guitarist (Slash is at #4!)
August 5th, 2002: Guns N' Roses Expand World Tour; Nixes North American Trek?
August 3rd, 2002: Hanoi Rocks news (GN'R related) / Loaded in Europe?
August 2nd, 2002: The Kid Stays in the Picture In-store (with Slash) press release
July 31st, 2002: Guns, Zeppelin Top Greatest Metal Albums List
July 30th, 2002: GN'R mention in MTV VMA 02 news story
July 28th, 2002: The Strokes "Someday" video premiere news / GN'R tribute album news
July 24th, 2002: Leeds festival to go ahead at Temple Newsam
July 24th, 2002: SummerSonic TV broadcast info + AFD released 15 years ago
July 22nd, 2002: Random news (SummerSonic + GN'R meetup day)
July 20th, 2002: The Offspring: "GN'R Will Not Play Leeds"
July 19th, 2002: Slash in-store + Slash's version of Love Theme from The Godfather to appear in a movie
July 18th, 2002: Summer Sonic 2002 - Live in Hong Kong info
July 17th, 2002: London Press release
July 17th, 2002: Guns N' Roses Trade Paul Huge For Psychedelic Furs' Guitarist
July 16th, 2002: Roses Return! (GN'R announce London date)
July 16th, 2002: Guns N' Roses Confirm London Show In August
July 11th, 2002: Duff talks about the project with Matt & Slash, Marilyn Manson talks about One In A Million
July 9th, 2002: Duff, Matt and Slash rumors
July 3rd, 2002: Loaded tour news
July 1st, 2002: Random news