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January 3rd, 1992 - The first show of 1992 is in Baton Rouge, LA at the LSU Assembly Center.
January 4th, 1992 - Show in Biloxi, MS at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum.
January 4th, 1992 - Live And Let Die is at #64 on the US singles chart.
January 7th, 1992 - Show in Memphis, TN at The Pyramid.
January 7th, 1992 - Use Your Illusion I is certified 3x Multi-Platinum.
January 9th, 1992 - First show in Houston, TX at the The Summit.
January 10th, 1992 - Second show at The Summit in Houston, TX.
January 11th, 1992 - Live And Let Die gains 23 places, and is at #41 on the US chart.
January 13th, 1992 - First of two Dayton, OH shows at the Nutter Center.
January 14th, 1992 - Second night at the Nutter Center in Dayton, OH. Axl cuts his hand open on the microphone stand. The band keeps playing while he gets medical attention.
January 18th, 1992 - Don't Cry is at #24, and Live And Let Die at #41 on the Billboard Hot 100.
January 21st, 1992 - Show at the Target Center in Minneapolis, MN.
January 22nd, 1992 - Second Target Center show in Minneapolis, MN.
January 25th, 1992 - GN'R plays in Sin City. Show at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas, NV.
January 25th, 1992 - Live And Let Die drops down to #48.
January 27th, 1992 - First of two southern California shows in San Diego at the San Diego Sports Arena.

Guns N' Roses wins the Favorite Heavy Metal/Hard Rock Artist category at the 1993 American Music Awards held on the same day. The broadcast features GN'R's taped performance of Yesterdays recorded at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas, NV on January 25th.

January 28th, 1992 - Second San Diego Sports Arena show in San Diego, CA.
January 31st, 1992 - Show in Chandler, AZ at the Compton Terrace.
February 1st, 1992 - Last show of the second US leg at the Compton Terrace in Chandler, AZ..
February 1st, 1992 - Live And Le Die climbs up to #42 on the Billboard Hot 100.
February 8th, 1992 - Up to #33 for Live And Let Die on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.
February 18th, 1992 - The November Rain single is released.
February 19th, 1992 - GN'R plays the first of three shows at the Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, Japan. The rest of the shows were on 20th and 22nd.
February 20th, 1992 - Second Tokyo Dome show in Tokyo, Japan.
February 22nd, 1992 - Last show in Tokyo, Japan at the Tokyo Dome.
March, 1992 - Slash appears on MTV's Rockline. He tells Martha Quinn about watching This Is Spinal Tap before playing a show, the upcoming GN'R shows, GN'R making a November Rain video in the near future as well as other things.
March 7th, 1992 - November Rain is released as a single in the UK. It peaks at #4 on the chart. Sweet Child O' Mine is the B-side
April 1st, 1992 - First show in Mexico at the Palacio De Los Deportes in Mexico City.
April 2nd, 1992 - Axl is on the cover of Rolling Stone #627.
April 2nd, 1992 - Second Mexican show at the Palacio De Los Deportes in Mexico City.
April 6th, 1992 - After two shows in Mexico, GN''R returns to USA for a show at the Myriad Arena in Oklahoma City, OK.

"Do you believe all the shit you read? Do you ever wonder why you're given so much shit to read? You're given a lot of shit to read, because, there's a lot of fucking people out there who... I don't think I should even give them the credit to say that they're very conscious of that which they're doing. But it's mainly because they don't want things like this concert here in Oklahoma to fucking happen. Yeah, there's a lot of people who don't know why they do things. But some of the reasons behind that. They don't the people like you, that are here tonight, to see some little loud mouth fucker like me. Who crawled out some shithole somewhere, and worked his way up onto this stage. They don't want... There's something out there that doesn't want people like you to realize that you can do whatever the fuck you want with your God damn life. And there are those that unless they get a piece of the pie, unless they get a piece of your ass, unless they get a piece of your life, they just don't want it to happen. You do it their way or you don't do it. They can suck my dick. I believe that deep inside everybody, there's something inside you that knows what the fuck you're supposed to do with your life. And no matter what anybody tells you, if you keep looking and you keep digging, you're gonna find it. And you can be the person you fucking were meant to be on this God damn planet. And don't let anybody, anybody, ever get in your way. Including me. And I know it's not like the most humane thing, but you can, when it gets real rough, you can think of a theme song that somebody else wrote. Namely Mr. Paul McCartney. And when they're trying to keep you down, just hold on and know someday you'll bust out, you'll get onto your own shit and they won't be able to fucking keep up with your ass. And you can be thinking just Live And Let Die motherfucker."

April 9th, 1992 - The last show before the 1992 European tour starts is at the Rosemont Horizon in Rosemont, IL. Shannon Hoon duets with Axl on Don't Cry.
April 20th, 1992 - GN'R performs at The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert for AIDS Awareness. They were originally going to play three songs, but due to technical problems earlier in the show they only played two ("Paradise City" and "Knockin' On Heaven's Door").

Axl joined his hero, Elton John, for the duet of the night, "Bohemian Rhapsody". He also performed "We Will Rock You" with Queen.

Slash performed "Tie Your Mother Down" with Queen. At the end of the show, Axl, Duff and Slash joined the rest of the performers for a rendition of "We Are The Champions".

May 12th, 1992 - Slash and Metallica's Lars Ulrich announced that GN'R and Metallica would tour together in the summer.

The press conference was held at The Gaslight in Hollywood, CA.

May 14th, 1992 - The band arrives in Dublin, Ireland on their private jet.
May 15th, 1992 - Axl's smiling face makes the front page of the Irish Independent.

The rest of the band does a soundcheck at Slane Castle. It lasts for two hours.

May 16th, 1992 - The show in Dublin. 800 police patrol the Slane Castle site. U2 sends a crate of 40-year-old Irish whiskey and a barrel of Guinness for the band. My Little Funhouse opens the show followed by Faith No More.
May 19th, 1992 - GN'R fly to Prague, Czechoslovakia.
May 20th, 1992 - Show at the Strahov Stadium in Prague, Czechoslovakia and first show in Europe with Soundgarden opening. An MTV Europe crew interviews the band in the afternoon. The show starts with "Okay, you ex-Commie bastards, get ready to rock!".
May 22nd, 1992 - Show in Budapest, Hungary at the Nep Stadium. The bands plane arrives in Budapest just 20 minutes before the scheduled showtime. The band is rushed to the stadium with a police escort.

Midway through the set Axl and Slash performs the Hungarian folk song "Tavasziszel". After two verses Axl lets the crowd take over for the third. It's the same song that Queen performed there in 1985.

May 23rd, 1992 - Show at the Donau Insel stadium in Vienna, Austria. U2 who are due to play there the next night are in attendance.

Axl and Bono join U2's accountant Osmond Kilkenny for his birthday party at a restaurant.

May 23rd, 1992 - Guns N' Roses' cover of Knockin' On Heaven's Door is released as a single in the UK. The B-side is a live version recorded the previous month at the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert For AIDS Awareness. All artists royalties went to C.A.F. Mercury Phoenix Trust and the single peaked at #2 on the UK chart.
May 24th, 1992 - The band goes to see the U2 show. Axl joins Bono onstage to perform an acoustic version of "Knockin' On Heaven's Door"
May 25th, 1992 - GN'R flies to Berlin, Germany.
May 26th, 1992 - Show at the Berlin Olympic Stadium in front of 40,000 fans.
May 27th, 1992 - Biggest show of the tour so far, 75.000 people at the Cannstatter Wasen in Stuttgart, Germany.

The band is introduced with the phrase: "OK you beer swilling, Merc driving mugs....".

May 29th, 1992 - Sell-out show at the Mungerdorferstadion in Cologne, Germany. GN'R performs "Perfect Crime" and "Rocket Queen" for the first time on this European tour. "So Fine" is performed for the first time in Europe.

GN'R play for 2 hours and 42 minutes, which makes this the longest show yet on this leg.

June 2nd, 1992 - November Rain single released.
June 3rd, 1992 - After three days off in Cologne, Germany, the band fly to Hannover, Germany to play at the Niedersachsen Stadium in front of a crowd of 60,000.

Members of The Scorpions are at the show.

June 4th, 1992 - GN'R arrive in Axl's favorite city, Paris, France. They check in at the luxurious Hotel De Crillon, overlooking the Place de la Concorde.

Later they meet up with Jeff Beck, Lenny Kravitz, Steven Tyler and Joe Perry who have flown in for the televised Paris show.

June 5th, 1992 - Soundcheck and rehearsal during the afternoon at the Hippodrome in the Bois de Vincennes.

During the evening the band's backline is transported to the Elysee Montmartre club where the band continues rehearsing with Kravitz, Tyler and Perry.

June 5th, 1992 - The November Rain music video possibly had its premiere on MTV Europe's Most Wanted show.
June 6th, 1992 - Pay Per View show in Paris, France in front of 58,000 people. The band is joined onstage by Lenny Kravitz for a version of "Always On The Run". "Double Talkin' Jive" is dedicated to movie actor Warren Beatty. Steven Tyler and Joe Perry from Aerosmith joins the band to perform the Yardbirds "Train Kept A-Rollin'" and Aerosmith's classic "Mama Kin".
June 6th, 1992 - November Rain is premiered on MTV's Headbangers Ball show in the USA.
June 7th, 1992 - The band and entourage celebrate band manager Doug Goldstein and Jenny's second wedding anniversary at the River Cafe.
June 8th, 1992 - Shopping and sightseeing in Paris. Axl goes to the Louvre to see his favorite statue, The Winged Victory, after which he takes a boat trip on the Seine. Axl hasn't been sleeping and by late night he is in a state of complete physical exhaustion.

Doctors recommend that Axl takes 36 hours rest, the Manchester show is postponed.

The production crew catering, which isn't needed now, is given to a local hospice.

June 9th, 1992 - The Manchester Maine Road show was postponed until June 14th.

Axl remains in Paris, the rest of the band fly to London.

June 10th, 1992 - Three days off, the band and crew shop, dine out and meet old friends.

Axl flies in from Paris on the 11th. That same day the band (minus Axl) and crew take part in a softball game at the Bank Of England sports ground.

On the 12th the band's UK booking agent John Jackson organizes a five hour go-karting championship in West London for the band and entourage.

June 13th, 1992 - Brian May joins GN'R at Wembley Stadium in front of 72,000 people to perform Queen's "Tie Your Mother Down" and "We Will Rock You".

This show is regarded as the hottest show on the tour so far. During the show Axl has one trouble-making drunken fan removed from the crowd. Later he stops the show so that security can help a young girl, who he spots in distress at the front of the crowd.

According to Chris Cornell, earlier in the day, a fan has a heart attack while Soundgarden is playing. He's brought back to life by a paramedic while they're playing their first song.

June 14th, 1992 - GN'R fly to Manchester for the rescheduled show. After the show the band fly back to London.
June 15th, 1992 - Duff and Gilby go to the Townhouse recording studio in Shepherd's Bush to work on a track for Duff's solo album. Later Axl and Dizzy work on another song at a different studio.
June 16th, 1992 - 25,000 people see GN'R at the Gateshead International Stadium in Newcastle, England.

Duff had a verbal altercation with one fan. After Axl's words of warning - "I wouldn't mess with him, he's not had a drink in two weeks!" - the fan piped down. After the show the band fly back to London to continue their stay at the exclusive Conrad Hotel, where fellow guests included Prince and INXS.

June 17th, 1992 - Duff and his girlfriend Linda fly to St. Tropez in the south of France for a few days.

Slash stocks up on Dr. Marten boots and visits London Zoo.

Matt and Gilby go to Kensington Market

June 18th, 1992 - Dizzy's birthday. He celebrates in the evening by having his first ever taste of Indian food at the Bombay Brasserie with Matt. Later he joins pop band Dee-Lite at their party in the Zatopke club in south London.
June 19th, 1992 - Ted Andreadis' birthday. Late afternoon, the band fly to Frankfurt, Germany. Axl is pulled over by a security guard at Heathrow Airport, the second time staff there had singled him out for harassment, following GN'R's visit to London for the Freddie Mercury Tribute.

Following this latest incident, Axl issued a press statement in which he said: "Having just given what I consider to be the best performance I am capable of at this point in my career, I totally understand why someone in the UK would want to needlessly harass me in this way.

"I don't expect to be treated any differently from anyone else travelling in and out of Britain and I understand these people have a job to do. However, to be singled out by someone who just wants to score a few points and have a story to tell his friends over a beer is really out of order."

June 20th, 1992 - Show in Wurzburg, Germany. As GN'R approach the venue, the weather breaks and one of the worst storms in recent years hits the site. 45,000 fans witness an astonishing show during which the lightning cannot be distinguished from the onstage pyrotechnics. Within minutes both the crowd and the band are soaked to the skin. For a while, the steam rising from those packed at the front prevents those further back from even seeing the stage. No one can believe that GN'R will complete a full set, but they do!
June 21st, 1992 - The band flies to Basel, Switzerland.

Another sold-out show at the 50,000 capacity St Jakob Stadium in Basel, Switzerland.

Duff - starting to feel the effects of playing in the torrential downpour in Wurzburg - retires early to bed, with a temperature and signs of flu. Some band members venture out and sample the local bars.

June 22nd, 1992 - Being in Switzerland, Axl goes out and buys watches as surprise gifts for many of the entourage and management - who in the meantime have also stocked up on Swiss watches!

Duff's condition worsens and so he spends most of the day in bed hoping to recover for the next day's gig in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

As the evening draws in, Axl's also found to be suffering from a sore throat

June 23rd, 1992 - The journey to Rotterdam is delayed whilst Axl and Duff receive medical treatment to ensure that they get through the show. Axl is given further medication by a doctor who's waiting for him at the Rotterdam airport. The band finally go onstage at 10pm, two hours after Faith No More have completed their set. There is an 11pm curfew at the Feyenoord Stadium and as that time approaches, the local authorities tell the GN'R management that power will be cut at 11:30pm. Axl is made aware of this and concerned that the fans will be deprived of a full set, announces to the 48000 crowd: "You have a right to a complete show. You paid for it.... If they cut the power, be my guests, do what you want." After much discussion backstage, the police decide to let the band play on until well after midnight.

However, Duff arrives at the night's hotel feeling considerably worse and on medical advice is forced to spend two days resting. The following night's show in Belgium has to be cancelled.

June 24th, 1992 - Show cancelled due to Duff's illness.

The band fly to Milan. Duff stays in his room. The Italian promoter takes everyone else out to one of the city's finest pasta restaurants.

June 25th, 1992 - Slash, Gilby and Ted Andreadis film the video for Michael Jackson's "Give In To Me" with Jackson in Munich, Germany
June 26th, 1992 - Axl visits the showrooms of top Italian designers, Gianni Versace and Armani.

In the evening he dines with Versace's sister, Donatella, and her top model husband Paul Becak. Also at the table are supermodel Naomi Campbell and Axl's girlfriend Stephanie Seymour.

June 27th, 1992 - Show in Turin, Italy at the Della Alpi Stadium in front of 65,000 fans.

After the show, GN'R and entourage travel to San Remo, their base for the next couple of days.

June 27th, 1992 - Guns N' Roses has a new single on the Billboard Hot 100, November Rain enters the chart at #40.
June 28th, 1992 - The band rent a 180-foot luxury motor cruiser to celebrate Duff and Linda's engagement. The day is spent swimming, snorkeling, water-skiing, fishing and attempting to master the jet skis.
June 29th, 1992 - Still on the cruiser. Members of the band wake themselves up by high-diving 60 feet off the top deck into the Mediterranean. The cruiser returns to San Remo in the late afternoon
June 30th, 1992 - GN'R drive two hours to Genova. From Genova they fly to Sevilla, Spain.

The gig has no curfew to obey so the band delay their start until darkness so that the lightshow can be seen in full. The gig ends in the early hours of the morning.

July 1st, 1992 - Some members of the band take a special private guided tour of the World Exposition site, others go shopping.

In the evening news reaches the management that the authorities have closed the Vicente Caldaron stadium in Madrid. The concrete fabric of the building has been badly effected by aluminosis. A search for an alternative venue begins.

July 2nd, 1992 - On such a short notice an alternative venue is impossible to be found. The last date in Europe has to be cancelled.

In a statement issued on Friday, Axl said: "We were looking forward to this last date in Europe, as we love the Spanish audiences and we were planning on a wild night to end the tour. We hope that we will be able to return soon and make it up to our fans."

July 2nd, 1992 - Show at the Alvalade Stadium in Lisbon, Portugal is the last one in Europe on this leg. The support act Soundgarden started their set at 4 pm. They were followed by Faith No More and at 11 pm GN'R started their show.

When it started, the crowd started throwing empty water bottles, as they had done during the support acts' sets. In the middle of the first song, Axl was running and slipped on one of the bottles. He fell flat on his back and sang the rest of the song and the second song like that! Duff went over to check if he was ok.

Then he got up and said if people didn't stop throwing bottles at the stage, they would leave. He said "I didn't come here to get hurt" and they stopped playing!

After a while they came back and continued the show. But the crowd was throwing fire-crackers and lighters between them, not at the band.

Axl stopped the show once again (during Civil War), told the crowd to stop. Then a member of the Portuguese organization came onstage and tried to calm people down.

The show was one year after the St. Louis riots and the media was refering to that incident the next day.

Finally the band returned and started playing Patience and there was no more incidents during the show.

July 4th, 1992 - The show that was supposed to take place at the Vicente Caldaron stadium in Madrid, Spain was cancelled due to local authorities closing the venue.
July 4th, 1992 - November Rain is at #26 this week.
July 11th, 1992 - November Rain enters the top 20 on the Billboard Hot 100, it's currently at #20.
July 12th, 1992 - Axl is arrested at the JFK airport in New York, NY after St. Louis County authorities issued fugitive warrants seeking his arrest. The reason for the arrest was the riot in St. Louis, MO in 1991.
July 14th, 1992 - Axl pleaded innocent to charges stemming from a riot at a concert in St. Louis, MO last summer, and a judge said GN'R could begin their American tour Friday as scheduled.

Axl pleaded innocent to four counts of misdemeanor assault and one count of property damage. A trial was set of Oct. 13 after the nine-minute hearing.

July 17th, 1992 - The co-headline tour with Metallica starts at the RFK Stadium in Washington, DC. Faith No More is opening the shows.
July 18th, 1992 - The first New York City area show on this leg of the tour is in East Rutherford, NJ at the Giants Stadium.
July 18th, 1992 - Up to #17 on the Billboard Hot 100 for the band's latest single, November Rain.
July 21st, 1992 - Show in Pontiac, MI at the Pontiac Silverdome.
July 22nd, 1992 - Hoosier Dome hosts the show in Indianapolis, IN. Shannon Hoon joins the band to perform "Don't Cry (Original)".
July 25th, 1992 - Show in Orchard Park, just outside Buffalo, NY, at the Rich Stadium.
July 25th, 1992 - November Rain is just outside the top 10 on the singles chart in the USA, at #11.
July 26th, 1992 - Show in Pittsburgh, PA at the Three Rivers Stadium.
July 29th, 1992 - Midway through the show at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ Axl encounters severe pain in his throat but continues to (almost) finish the show.

During the last song, "Knockin' On Heaven's Door", he is hit in the genitals by a cigarette lighter thrown from the crowd with considerable force. Axl retires backstage to regain his breath, so Duff has to take over on vocals.

July 30th, 1992 - Axl is diagnosed as having sustained severe damage to his vocal cords, three shows - in Boston, MA, Columbia, SC and Minneapolis, MN are rescheduled.
August 1st, 1992 - November Rain jumps up to #6 on the Billboard Hot 100.
August 8th, 1992 - The tour resumes at the Olympic Stadium in Montreal, QC, Canada. During Metallica's set James Hetfield is injured by an onstage pyrotechnic. His left arm is badly burnt and Metallica has to stop their show. During GN'R's set, the band are having difficulties with the stage monitors and can't hear themselves. Axl, who had just been diagnosed with having sustained severe damage to his vocal cords at the end of July, is hurting his throat. The show is stopped, and the band leaves the stage. But before he and the band return, a riot breaks out.
August 8th, 1992 - November Rain is at #5 on the Billboard Hot 100 this week.
August 15th, 1992 - November Rain remains at #5 on the Billboard Hot 100.
August 22nd, 1992 - After two weeks at #5, November Rain climbs to #4 on the Billboard Hot 100.
August 25th, 1992 - With Hetfield recovered the tour resumes at the International Raceway in Phoenix, Arizona. Seven shows had to be rescheduled as a result of Hetfield's injuries.

Axl has overcome his vocal chord and arytenoid inflammation problems. GN'R spent much of the downtime in L.A. shooting a couple of music videos.

August 27th, 1992 - The Las Cruces, NM show is at the Aggie Memorial Stadium.
August 29th, 1992 - Show in New Orleans, LA at the Louisiana Superdome.
August 29th, 1992 - November Rain is now a top three single in the USA. The single is at #3 on the Billboard Hot 100.
August 31st, 1992 - GN'R plays in Atlanta, GA at the Lakewood Amphitheatre.
September 2nd, 1992 - GN'R are in Orlando, FL at the Citrus Bowl.
September 4th, 1992 - The first Texas show on this leg of the tour takes place in Houston at the Astrodome.
September 5th, 1992 - The second Texas show is in Irving at the Texas Stadium.
September 5th, 1992 - Second week at #3 on the charts for November Rain. This is the peak position for the November Rain single.
September 7th, 1992 - Rescheduled show in Columbia, SC at the Williams Brice Stadium.
September 9th, 1992 - GN'R performs at MTV's Video Music Awards. Elton John joins the band to perform "November Rain".

Backstage Axl exchanged some words with Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love. According to Michael Azerrad's book "Come As You Are The Story Of Nirvana" Courtney asked Axl if he wanted to be the godfather of their child. Axl said " You shut your bitch up or I'm taking you down to the pavement!" to Kurt. Kurt glared at Courtney and said "Shut up, bitch!". The Nirvana entourage exploded in laughter.

September 11th, 1992 - Rescheduled show in Boston, MA at the Foxboro Stadium.
September 13th, 1992 - GN'R returns to Canada to play in Toronto, ON at the Exhibition Stadium.
September 15th, 1992 - Rescheduled show in Minneapolis, MN at the Metrodome.
September 16th, 1992 - During a day off, members of GN'R, including Dizzy, Duff and Slash took part in s softball game against a team from the local radio station. The game took place in Shawnee, KS and was raising funds for victims of hurricane Andrew.
September 17th, 1992 - Show in Kansas City, MI at the Arrowhead Stadium.
September 19th, 1992 - GN'R plays in Denver, CO at the Mile High Stadium.
September 21st, 1992 - Faith No More leaves the tour to fulfill prior headline touring commitments.

Following their tour-debut at shows in Kansas City and Denver last week, Body Count are announced to be taking over the slot for two of the remaining five shows. Motorhead are also added to the bill for three gigs.

September 21st, 1992 - Slash makes a guest appearance at the Michael Jackson concert in Oviedo, Spain. He performs on Black Or White.
September 24th, 1992 - Show in Oakland, CA at the Oakland Stadium with Bodycount.
September 27th, 1992 - Show at The Coliseum in Los Angeles, CA with Motorhead.
September 30th, 1992 - Show at the Jack Murphy Stadium in San Diego, CA with Body Count opening..
October 3rd, 1992 - Show Pasadena, California at the Rose Bowl - with Motorhead.
October 6th, 1992 - Last show on the GN'R/Metallica tour in Seattle, WA at the Kingdome.
October 12th, 1992 - Izzy Stradlin And The Ju Ju Hounds releases their debut album on Geffen Records.

During October, November and December, the band plays shows in Europe, Japan and Australia.

October 12th, 1992 - Use Your Illusion II is certified 4x Multi-Platinum.
October 26th, 1992 - Yesterdays is released as a single in the UK. November Rain is the B-side and the single peaks at #8 in the UK.
November 2nd, 1992 - Use Your Illusion I is certified 4x Multi-Platinum.
November 13th, 1992 - Yesterdays is released as a single in the USA.
November 21st, 1992 - Yesterdays enters the Billboard Hot 100 at #83.
November 25th, 1992 - Caracas, Venezuela. In the absence of a suitable venue, the show is played outside one (!) in a parking lot in front of 45,000. The biggest show ever staged in Venezuela.
November 26th, 1992 - The entourage leave Venezuela in the evening, just hours before the country was thrown into turmoil by an air-based military coup. In the ensuing chaos, only one of the band's cargo planes is able to take off. Over half of their equipment and several crew members are left stranded.
November 27th, 1992 - GN'R arrive in Colombia for two scheduled shows at El Campin Stadium in Bogota. But with much of the equipment still in Venezuela these shows are in jeopardy. Tickets for Saturday's show are made valid for Sunday. The two gigs are rolled into one.

GN'R originally offered to play a second show on Monday, but the promoters believed that those who had travelled long distances would not be able to stay an extra two days.

November 28th, 1992 - At around 7pm the first shipment of cargo was delivered from Venezuela. As the crew battled to complete the load-in time for the following night's show, a torrential downpour slowed the progress. At 10:15pm, the six tonne stage roof, complete with lighting rig, crashed to the ground. Hearing the steel buckle, the stagehands had fled and none was injured. An inspection revealed that the locally supplied structure had been unable to support the additional weight of the rainwater gathered on the stage roof.

With no time to build a new roof, the set was redesigned. The lights that survived the crash were repositioned to the stage's side walls.

November 28th, 1992 - Yesterdays gains eleven positions and is at #72 on the Billboard Hot 100.
November 29th, 1992 - At lunchtime a cloudburst damaged equipment despite the crew's efforts to protect it.

By 10pm the stadium was full - with hundreds of ticket holders outside. Scuffles broke out, a few people were injured, and some nearby cars and property were damaged before the police could restore the order by the use of tear-gas.

GN'R took the stage at 10:30pm. The show started with "Welcome To The Jungle". During "November Rain" there was another cloudburst. Within minutes, the equipment was beneath half-an-inch of water. The band had to take a break to dry and make safe all the electrical equipment. They returned after 15 minutes to finish the set.

December 2nd, 1992 - Sold-out show in Santiago, Chile at the National Football Stadium.
December 3rd, 1992 - Chilean media reported that Axl was drunk prior to last night's show and that drugs were discovered in the band's hotel rooms. GN'R's manager Doug Goldstein stressed that Axl never drinks before a show and had spent December 2nd doing physical work-out and voice warm-up exercises. The Chilean Department Of Investigation had visited the hotel, but they didn't find anything.
December 5th, 1992 - First of two shows at the River Plate Stadium in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
December 6th, 1992 - Second show in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
December 8th, 1992 - GN'R releases their first home videos. It's a full length concert from Tokyo, Japan. The videos are called Use Your Illusion World Tour 1992 In Tokyo.
December 10th, 1992 - First show of two at Anhembi in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Played despite torrential downpour.
December 11th, 1992 - Second show in Sao Paulo, Brazil was postponed 24 hours and didn't happen on the 11th. The site and access to the venue were flooded. In a press statement Axl apologized: "We hope that everyone who was planning to come to the show tonight can make it tomorrow. As we proved, both here and in Bogota recently... none of us are afraid to get wet!" In this instance, the promoters and local authorities insisted that the conditions would be too risky for the fans.
December 12th, 1992 - The postponed second show in Sao Paulo, Brazil took place 24 hours later than originally scheduled due to flooding at the concert site.
December 13th, 1992 - Show at the Autodromo in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. After it the band takes a month's break before the next leg of the tour.
December 27th, 1992 - The Drunk Fux play a show at the Coconut Teaszer in Los Angeles, CA.

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