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  • Main instrument: Bass Guitar

  • Other instruments: Guitar and drums

  • Real name: Michael Andrew McKagan

  • Born: February 5, 1964

  • Hometown: Seattle, Washington

  • Height: 6 feet, 3 inches

  • Married to: Susan Holmes

  • Children: Two daughters, Grace (born August 27th, 1997) and Mae Marie (born July 16th, 2000)

  • Number Of Siblings: Seven (Jon, Carol, Mark, Bruce, Joan, Claudia and Matt). Duff is the youngest.

  • Parents: Elmer and Alice Marie McKagan

  • First concert: Aerosmith

  • First record: KISS Alive

  • Number Of Bands before GN'R: 31, including the Fartz [drums], 10 Minute Warning, Cannibal [guitar], speed-poppers the Living, Silly Killers, The D.T.'s, Cleavage, The Fastbacks [drums], Vains, Crisis Party, Our Gang, Wandering Bandeleros, Thankless Dogs and Hobo Skank

  • Solo Albums: Believe In Me (1993) and Beautiful Disease

  • Recorded with (amongst others): Iggy Pop, Gilby Clarke, Izzy Stradlin and Mark Lanegan.

  • Quit GN'R: August 1997

  • Rejoined GN'R: 2016

  • Sideproject: Neurotic Outsiders

  • Played in: 10 Minute Warning (before and after GN'R!), Loaded, Mad For The Racket, The Gentlemen, Velvet Revolver, Walking Papers

  • Current band: Velvet Revolver

  • Bass guitar influence: Sid Vicious

  • Other: Has been called Duff since he was two years old. He got the name from his parents and it stuck.

    Made his acting debut as a "punk-rock vampire" on the sci-fi television series Sliders.

    Has produced an EP with Betty Blowtorch.

  • Publishing title : Pimp Music

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